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Q5 Partners - Company of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Q5 Partners LLP, London, United Kingdom
Company Description: Q5 is an award-winning change consultancy - we know what it takes to lead and embed successful change. We have worked with senior executives in a number of prominent organizations on all aspects of their change initiatives. We help leaders understand their strengths and areas for development in relation to change, and we provide the support and tools to build their change competence.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Company of the Year - Business or Professional Services - Medium-size

Nomination Title: Q5 Partners LLP

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since 1 January 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

We are a consultancy firm who help our clients across the world to build better businesses. We are experts in organizational change, and have managed to grow based on great projects, and fantastic people.

2016 and the start of 2017 has been a period of tremendous change for Q5. We have had enormous success, as our clients continue to invite us back to work on larger more complicated projects (70% of our projects are with repeat clients). Our global team grew from 40 to over 100 people, but we have protected our ‘small firm’ feel along the way. This success has allowed us to break exciting new ground, opening new offices and working in different sectors. So what are the key areas we’ve invested in?

Our growth philosophy: we care about growth because it creates exciting opportunities for our people but we are also very careful to not expand too quickly and ensure we protect our culture.

Growing globally

From working with the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong, to De Beers in Botswana and the British Council in China, Singapore, Kenya, Dubai, Colombia, Nepal and Brazil, we are spreading our wings as a global firm. We developed innovative new practices to run real-time global projects across 3 time zones in New York, Sydney and London.

Our recently formed Australian office expanded from Sydney to Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, and in the US, we’ve grown our footprint from New York, to Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. Furthermore, with the opening of our Hong Kong office in July, we are looking forward to increasing our global reach to South East Asia.

Our clients

We continue to work with some of the world’s most iconic brands across all sectors, from Barclays to British Airways, from Dow jones to Walgreens. Clients continue to ask us back, and refer us to others to help them with their organizational challenges.

Our industry focus

We have deepened our expertise across core industries: media, financial services, retail and infrastructure. We are actively diversifying to develop new expertise, funding research into core areas, and encouraging our people to host innovative and interactive events for our clients to learn from.

Our people

Finally, and most importantly, our success and growth would not have been the same without our people. Last year the UK Sunday Times recognized us as 34th Best Small Company to Work For – the only consultancy to receive this credential. We were recognized as a business with a collegiate atmosphere, providing excellent support to our employees, with mentors advising on client work, career paths and pastoral issues – all of which are fostered in an open and honest atmosphere.

People love working here: responses to a recent survey revealed that 100% of people are proud to be Q5ers, and 100% enjoy coming to work. We work tirelessly to ensure this continues as we grow.

Our leaders continue to provide opportunities for individual growth, including “owning” practice development activities and the chance to experience international professional life by working from a different office. We have had over 24 inter-office transfers since early 2016. The aim is always to help our people grow in a fulfilling environment while maintaining the culture that we believe makes us special. We also use the ‘Q5er’ (a newly created digital platform) to share updates and ideas with each other across the world to stay connected, and feel part of global team.

Overall, we are a tight-knit community in which all our employees share in the excitement of contributing to a growing enterprise. We are restless and look to constantly tap into new markets, areas and ideas with our clients.

This is a taster of our action-packed last 18 months. We’ve barely had a moment to breathe, but are very excited to be taking part in the Stevie Awards for the first time, and are looking forward to sharing our story with you.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this organization since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

-Awarded 34th ‘Best Small Company to Work For’ by the Sunday Times and Best Consultancy by Personnel Today.
-We welcomed 25 new employees, increased revenue by 47% and 70% of projects are with returning clients.
-This year’s engagement survey found 100% of respondents are proud to be Q5ers, 100% enjoy coming to work and 95% would recommend Q5 as a place to work.
-Over 300 projects, 100 clients, in 15 different countries,
-Launched new website and ‘Q5er’ online community to connect our people.
-The Q5 Foundation has supported charities such as Suited & Booted, Think Ahead and the Cambodian Children fund.
-We are committed to supporting (paid) interns, 58% of which have gone on to join the firm.
-We have launched and published ground-breaking research in ‘change leadership’
-Annualized growth rate of above 40% year-on-year, while protecting our culture.
-Supported 10 international transfers creating new opportunities for our people.

Of the following measures of success, which ONE do you want the judges to most appreciate about your organization's story of achievement since the beginning of 2016?

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