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PT Petrokimia Gresik Official Corporate Website

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: PT Petrokimia Gresik, Gresik, Indonesia
Company Description: PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) is located in Gresik City, East Java Province-Indonesia and occupying land of 450 hectares. It was inaugurated by the President of Republic of Indonesia on July 10, 1972. As the biggest and most complete fertilizer and other chemical manufacturer in South East Asia, PG becomes an integral part of Republic of Indonesia Government program to secure national food security.
Nomination Category: Website Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Chemicals

Nomination Title: PT Petrokimia Gresik Official Corporate Website

When was this site or blog first published? The website was first published in 2002.

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PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG), a member of Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company, is moving in the field of fertilizer and chemicals industry. In its line of businesses, PG is constantly maintaining good relationship with external parties including shareholders, media, the Government, and other stakeholders. Transparency is implemented through full disclosure and easy access to information regarding company’s performances. Communication system plays an important role for the company to interact with its stakeholders. One line of communication and information access made available is through PG official corporate website.

The official corporate website had been through continuous development and up-grade to serve users’ needs. As a publicly available online publication, currently providing a number of information topics ranging from Company Profile (complete with history, management structure, facilities, and even company’s innovation), Good Corporate Governance (including the implementation of Whistle Blowing System), Reports (Annual Report and Sustainability Report), Corporate Social Responsibility, News & Articles, Product Information, Marketing & Distribution, Links, FAQs, to Site Map.

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Our Website is maintained by PR Department. Features recently developed in the corporate website:

In accordance to the State Own Enterprise Minister Regulation number PER-01/MBU 2011, PG is obligated to implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Therefore, we provide our GCG Guidelines, Whistle Blowing System Guidelines, Business and Work Ethics, Management Performance Guidelines, Gratification Control Guidelines (to prevent corruption), and also Q&A about GCG in the website. The successful GCG implementation in our organization managed to gain award and recognition such as:

1. Best Corporate Culture in the State Own Enterprise Awards 2016;
2. ASEAN Best Practice Award for Energy Management in the ASEAN Energy Awards 2016;
3. Indonesia Trusted Company Predicate in the Corporate Governance Perception Index Awards 2015.

Financial Data & Reports:
Our Annual Report and Sustainability Report are available over the last ten years in the website (previously we only provide the last three years). Moreover, to cater our website users’ needs, we also added a special feature and a direct access to our Financial Data consist of Corporate Financial Performances over the last five years.

Partnership and Environment Development News:
In the website, we also added access to our Annual Partnership & Environment Development Report containing our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Product Information:
To assist our current and future customers in applying our products optimally, we added the Product Information feature on the website Home Page. The product information contains instructions to use proper and balance fertilizer products to increase plant productivity while also preserving nutrients in soil.

Another new feature in our website Home Page is Links provided to other website including our Shareholder, State Own Enterprise Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Association of Indonesian Fertilizer Producers, PG Hospital (to help our employees to make appointment for annual medical check-up or when they need to see a doctor), E-Procurement, E-Recruitment, E-Magazine (GEMA inhouse magazine), Sahabat Petani Tabloid, and our Social Media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter).

English Version:
To ensure our easy access and to give our foreign visitors the best experience, our website now comes in English. By clicking the ‘Union Jack’ button, our website display will be transformed from Indonesian language to English language. The improvement is intended to increase our competitive edge but also proven to increase our popularity and reputation at the global community. In 2016, the visitors of our website increased by 53 percent with the Top 5 biggest visitors including USA, Indonesia, China, Russia, and German.

1. Bronze Winner in Innovation in General Information Websites from the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2016;
2. Runner-up Inspirational Public Relation Program from the Indonesia Public Relation Awards and Summit 2016;
3. Indonesia PR Personality 2016 for our PR Manager (Mr. Yusuf Wibisono) from the Indonesian Media & PR Jamboree 2016.