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Preneur Group - Cadence

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Preneur Group, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Company Description: Preneur Group is an Australia based strategic advisory firm with active interests, involvement and investments across a number of start-up and mature companies. The group was also the seed (and often organic fertilizer) for the 7 Levers Framework and 10% Win movements ... which inspired the book Cadence; a tale of fast business growth.
Nomination Category: Annual Report & Other Publication Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Business Book

Nomination Title: Cadence - A Tale of Fast Business Growth

The date on which this nominated book was first distributed or otherwise made public: January 18, 2018

Briefly summarize your book: its genesis, purpose, thesis, story, and results to date (up to 250 words).

Each day over 27 million small business owners around the world open their doors to a feeling of overwhelm and confusion. They feel that panic because most have no idea how to grow their business' profits.

The typical response is to work more hours, spend more money, offer more products, or adopt more marketing tactics.

The irony is, "more" is rarely the solution.

Consistent, measurable business growth doesn't require radical overhauls, massive investments or huge transformations. It simply requires riding the momentum of small "10% Wins" in seven key areas of your business.

Cadenceis the story of a business owner and triathlon coach named JJ who left his stable job as a teacher to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, two years after opening his bike shop, JJ finds himself in a place that is all too familiar to most business owners, struggling to stay afloat. That all changes, fast, when an athlete he coaches teaches him how to turn the store's profitability around with seven key "10% Wins."

Praised and awarded by small-business owners and academics alike,Cadenceuniquely communicates entrepreneur and advisor Pete Williams's framework embraced by entrepreneurs around the world as "The 7 Levers of Business".

The book is projected to be our leading business title this year, surpassing all expectations (including the original 50,000 print-run),and the audiobook is currently in production to extend its reach globally.

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Chapter 1 - Falling Behind
Chapter 2 - The Pressure Builds
Chapter 3 - The Seven Levers
Chapter 4 - 10% Wins
Chapter 5 - Just Keep Cycling
Chapter 6 - Hitting the Road Running
Chapter 7 - A Friendly Competition
Chapter 8 - The Prospect of a Win
Chapter 9 - Widening the Margin
Chapter 10 - Getting Back on Track
Chapter 11 - Searching For Suspects
Chapter 12 - Perception vs. Reality
Chapter 13 - Drafting off the Team
Chapter 14 - Can I Interest You in Some More?
Chapter 15 - Keeping Your Eyes on the Road
Chapter 16 - The Finish Line
The 7 Levers Framework
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