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NNG - Best Sales Presentation

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: NNG, Budapest, Hungary
Company Description: NNG is a global automotive software supplier aiming to provide the best driving experience for all. The company focuses on delivering solutions with exceptional value for the connected navigation, cyber security, and user experience markets.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Sales Presentation

Nomination Title: NNG Showroom on a Japan Tour

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: 12 September, 2016

Describe the nominated event's communications objectives and how it met those objectives, including the event's genesis, development, performance, and results to date (up to 525 words):

The Japanese market has many advanced users of navigation software, and they prefer complex features to deal with the complicated road system (toll lanes, multi-level highways, etc.) We work with more Japanese automakers and suppliers than any other nationality, and we’re very proud of being the only foreign supplier that has managed to break into the local supply chain for the Japanese market.

Our goal is to continue to strengthen our position as a global navigation provider, as well as shape the automotive technology industry. Several Japanese companies are among the leading carmakers in the world, and the aim for this tour of sales presentations was to maintain and kick off cooperation with them by:

-Reaching decision makers at partner companies.
-Uniquely showcasing past successes.
-Starting/continuing conversations about future infotainment developments.
-Receiving immediate feedback, and better understanding the needs of potential customers.

We organized a traveling technology showroom that visited three locations in Japan. Visitors were given a one-hour presentation where they were shown:

-A variety of hardware platforms running our technology
-Examples of the future of navigation over the next 3-5 years
-Real-life automotive navigation solutions
-A stunning augmented reality experience of a road scenario

Over 10 days, the showroom hosted 11 strategically chosen companies in three cities:

-Hotel in Tokyo, September 12-13
-Partner office in Atsugi, September 14-15
-Partner office in Yokohama, September 20-21

The event and transportation organization from our Budapest headquarters (with help from our Tokyo office), was incredibly complicated. It involved two main teams, each with their own challenges:

-Marketing & Communication
-Complex logistical planning
-Shipment of extremely fragile equipment
-Quick set up and tear down at each location
-Convincing partner companies to host us
-Arranging for key decision makers to attend in the short time window
-Only Japanese-speaking employees could give presentations (including some Hungarian employees fluent in the language)

Everything had to be explained to local companies (hotel, shipping, etc.) across a language barrier and time zones. The multi-location tour meant the showroom had to be disassembled in the evening, delivered to the next location overnight, and reassembled early morning. Also, the layout and size of the rooms at the company offices was unknown – requiring us to design a setup the day we arrived.

Shipment was a major challenge. We included a buffer time in case of delays at customs, and took precautions to prevent damage to the fragile equipment. We built a custom crate for the delicate highlight of the presentation – a futuristic, proof of concept dashboard display that we have lovingly nicknamed “Optimus Prime.” The case has steel bracing, industrial wheels, butterfly lockers, and an interior of hard foam laser cut to the exact size – all capable for lifting by forklift and meeting international delivery standards.

The tour was smooth and successful, with some promising results:

-Over 100 tours were held
-Over 150 visitors attended (from developers to C-level executives)
-One large project was started immediately – as a result of the showroom
-One long-running negotiation was successfully closed
-Many new relationships were formed within the various companies

The success of the tour means another is planned for 2017!

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Everything was arranged in house by NNG employees.