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NMC Healthcare -Company of the Year

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Company: NMC Healthcare, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Company Description: NMC Health started as a one-room clinic founded by Dr. B.R. Shetty in 1975 and is currently headed by Mr. Prasanth Manghat, CEO. Over the past 4 decades, it has expanded its presence to 8 countries, operating over 40 hospitals, treating over 4.32 million patients annually & ranks among the top 3 fertility providers globally with a turnover of USD 1.2bn. It has 1,200 doctors & 10,000 support staff.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Company of the Year - Health Products & Services - Large

Nomination Title: NMC Healthcare

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NMC Healthcare started as a one-room clinic founded by Dr. B.R. Shetty in 1975 and is currently headed by Mr. Prasanth Manghat, CEO. In 2012, NMC became the first healthcare company in GCC to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, becoming a part of the FTSE-250 index. Over the last four years, NMC’s share prices have more than tripled with a current market capitalization of over US$4.5 billion.

Achievements & Accolades
In addition, the Group is also a leading UAE supplier of products and consumables across several key market segments, through its distribution division, with the major contribution coming from healthcare related products and has a reach of 100,000 SKUs. Products are imported from 90 countries around the world and distributed to over 7,500 points of sale in the UAE.

NMC Health delivered record growth in 2016 as it began to reap the long-term rewards of several years of progress on the two stages of its growth strategy. NMC has expanded its asset and brand portfolio organically and inorganically into additional healthcare services segments, extended our presence across the continuum of care, entered into higher growth and margin specialties with very favorable regional supply/demand dynamics, and selectively entered new geographies to position the Group at the intersection of multiple growth channels to the ultimate benefit of all our stakeholders.

During the fiscal year ending 31 December 2016, NMC generated revenues of US$1,220 million (Increase of 38.6.7% over 2015 revenue of US$880 million) and EBITDA of US$246.1 million (Increase of 63.7% over 2015 EBITDA of US$150.3 million).

Way Forward

NMC’s strategic acquisitions, coupled with its organic initiatives, have allowed the Group to establish new strategic verticals within the broader healthcare delivery platform with specialization-specific capabilities. To sum-up, NMC continues to be a key contributor in shaping the economic landscape of UAE and has earned the trust of millions, thanks to its dedication to providing superior healthcare outcomes, personalized care, genuine concern and a sincere commitment to the overall well-being of the patient and the society.

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1. NMC expands its international presence: sets up facilities in Denmark, Brazil, Oman, Saudi Arabia & Italy
2. NMC’s market cap is increased by half from US$3 billion to US$4.5 billion
3. NMC acquires Sharjah's largest hospital, Al Zahra marking a new milestone in its growth story
4. NMC reports revenues increase by 38.6% to US$1,220.8m
5. NMC forays into Saudi Arabia by acquiring As Salama Hospital & Chronic Care Specialist Medical Center for US$32 million

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