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Marico Ltd - Brand Experience of the Year - Consumer

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Marico Ltd, Mumbai, India
Entry Submitted By: 20:20 MSL
Company Description: Marico Limited is one of India's leading consumer products companies operating in the beauty and wellness space. Currently present in 25 countries across emerging markets of Asia and Africa, Marico has nurtured multiple brands in the categories of hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care.
Nomination Category: Marketing Campaign Categories - Specialty
Nomination Sub Category: Brand Experience of the Year - Consumer

Nomination Title: Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk

Tell the story of this nominated brand experience program for the judges (up to 650 words). Describe the genesis, planning, execution, and results to date of your campaign.


Pregnancy is an exciting journey for a woman with the joy of giving birth being unparalleled. However, it also leads to many insecurities, apprehensions and body image issues, with stretch marks, scars and the fear of being judged by a society. As a result, women often step out less or hide their bodies when pregnant, missing out on things otherwise ordinary, and a part of their routine social life, like meeting friends, going to office etc. Many young moms-to-be are so overwhelmed with this consciousness, overcome with the fear of not being able to go back to their original body shape, and losing their desirability to their partners.


The objective was to continue driving conversation around stretch-marks & increase sales by 20%. We targeted tech savvy new and expecting mothers in urban cities.

As a brand, Bio Oil believes that there is more to a woman’s self-worth than the way she looks and that there is no reason why a pregnant woman can’t live life to the fullest! Therefore, we felt the need to encourage women to go about their normal lives even when pregnant. Through the AC Nielsen’s ‘Yummy Mummy’ survey commissioned by Bio Oil, the brand realised appearance is a key factor for a woman’s peace of mind during her pregnancy. The survey highlighted that 80% of new and expecting Indian mothers found it embarrassing to wear a saree because of visible stretch marks. Moreover, 86% of them felt the need to get rid of such marks to feel comfortable enough to socialize again.

In order to provide a platform to new and expecting mothers to shed their inhibitions and be a true yummy mummy, Bio Oil designed a Yummilicious Walk, on the occasion of Mother’s Day where pregnant women walked the ramp amidst flashes and applause from friends, family, partners, bloggers and press. Breaking the stereotype, these women proudly showed off their baby bumps instead of hiding their bellies. The idea wasn’t just to get women to walk the ramp, but to help them realize that their self-worth isn’t linked to how their body looks. Bio Oil believes that every mother-to-be must realize that the changes that take place during pregnancy can be dealt with and that they need to prioritize their own health and wellbeing. We roped in model Carol Gracias and TV actor Shveta Salve who were pregnant to encourage young mommies to adopt a culture that celebrates bodies of mothers. The brand brought together Dr. Kiran Coelho, celebrity gynaecologist and Dr. Rashmi Shetty-celebrated dermatologist to shed light on the different physical transformations during pregnancy and how to cope with them.

We took it to the digital medium by reaching out to our target audience more accurately, and encouraged lifestyle and mommy bloggers to be a part of the event and share their #YummyMummy stories.


To engage consumers, we launched a pan-India social media contest asking mothers to share pictures with their baby bumps to stand a chance to participate in the walk. In order to increase excitement around the walk, we involved leading lifestyle, mommy and beauty bloggers, by sharing customized invites to the event leading to a buzz in social media.

The Yummilicious Walk witnessed 11 pregnant women sashaying down the ramp! The Walk was curated in a manner that it engaged with the audience- media and the Bloggers alike during the event. Multiple touch points like photo booths, snazzy props and the walk were created, to encourage the audience to share this excitement through all their social media handles. Celebrities like Lara Dutta also took to social media to cheer the mothers


-40 % increase in sales
-PR value: USD 46529; 97 Million+ impressions
-#YummyMummy generated 1.7 million+ impressions
-#BioOil generated 1.7 million+ impressions
-Coverage in unconventional spaces along with major lifestyle and beauty media
-Grabbed 5.9 Million+ eyeballs with 71 blog posts including Vlogs

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and results of the nominated campaign (up to 150 words).

-Stretch marks and body image anxieties are never discussed openly in India
-Pregnant women in India, tend to put their life on hold and cut themselves off form all social engagements as they are conscious of their bodies and often tend to hide their baby bumps
-In a market where women tend to hide their baby bumps, having everyday consumers (pregnant women) walk the ramp was a concept that had never been heard of
-The brand also reached out to the consumers directly through social media and provided an opportunity that had never been provided to consumers.
-Designed The Yummilicous Walk – a platform for young mothers to shed their inhibitions and be a true Yummy Mummy
-Brand sales increased by 40% post the campaign, with zero advertising spends