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Magnet20 - GSK Turkey Healthcare Campaign

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Magnet20, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: We create human experiences with products, services and platforms to transform brands and grow businesses. Our services; Marketing Solutions, Health Solutions, HR Solutions.
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign/Program of the Year - Healthcare

Nomination Title: GSK Turkey Company: #Touch - HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Tell the story about this nominated campaign since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

There wasa feartowardsHIVand HIV+ individuals,mostly LGBTI+, were marginalized in Turkey where hundreds ofhate crimestowards homosexuals and transsexuals had been committed in the last 5 years.

Many people didn’t know how HIV is transmitted, diagnosed or treated; it’s a source of fear. Some people are evenafraid of touching HIV+ people. When it came to HIV+ people, they were uninformed about thetestandtreatmentprocesses and they had pessimistic views for their future lives.

So, we created a campaign which raisedawareness about HIV+ in the communitywhile aiming to encourage HIV+ individuals to get tested and start treatment. And we planned to make this campaign sustainable and create different communication opportunities through the year.

Our campaign began with a press meeting who medical specialists’ associations, patients’ associations like Positive Living Association and Red Ribbon Istanbul as well as NGOs about sexual health and human rights attended.

We said;

Touchand listen to the stories of HIV+ lives.
Touchand learn about tests and treatments.
Touchand give support.

People who visited kendinicin1aralik.orgtouchedon the fingerprints they saw on screen and got in contact with HIV+ lives maybe for the veryfirst time in their lives. They listened 50+ real HIV stories about how to overcome obstacles, learned about the details of the disease, ways of treatment and they gave support to the campaign.

At the same time, usingmirroras ametaphorfor empathy and confrontation since people see their own reflections in it, we dived into product development and produced an interactive mirror with a touch screen. We used this interactive mirror in toilets and fitness centers to reach our audience.

Another field we are contacting with our target audience was also 'Gay Pride' period in Turkey. As is known, Freddie Mercury is an idol for gay individuals. And Freddie unfortunately had lost his life because of the AIDS / HIV virus. We also covered Freddie Mercury's hit 'Gay Pride period' songs again with singers in Turkey. At the end of each video clip, we gave the message: "Freddie Mercury's treatment methods to combat AIDS / HIV has not been developed back then, but today, suspect cases of HIV testing and those who are treated with improved methods can continue their lives in a healthy way. "

While our communication continued about test, treatment and awareness stories of HIV, we sponsored a LGBT party in Istanbul on World AIDS Day and in the field of activity we created awareness both by giving acknowledgement messages and locating interactive mirrors.

On New Year's Eve we talked about the HIV virus with a dance choreography of Jingle Bells music. We emphasized the importance of loving and accompanying of HIV+ individuals, to fight HIV.

Lastly, we organized a TEDx event to illustrate real life stories that inspired both HIV + individuals and the community, including call to actionsof our campaign: Courage, Prejudice, Live with Disease and Support: TEDx "Touch"

Along with this activity, we created an effective disease awareness both online and offline.

Our Performance;

-Our campaign messages have reachedmore than 18million peoplethrough digital and conventional media (14 print media, 53 online media, 9 TV)
-kendinicin1aralik.orghave touched the fingerprints on their screens and watched videos with HIV+ storiesmore than 1.5 million times.
-Once watched the HIV+ stories videos,more than 110K peoplewillingly pledged to a text that said they were aware of HIV and stood side by side with HIV+ individuals.
-More than 900K people watched covers of Freddie Mercury songs. More than 500K people wathced our Jingle Bells dance coreograph. Our TED Touch videos were watched more than 1 million times.
-Starting with an aim of raising awareness, this campaign caused40% increase in “HIV/AIDS” searchesaccording to Google Turkey trends.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and results of this nominated PR program since the beginning of 2017 (up to 150 words).

-Our campaign messages have reachedmore than 18million people.
-Our HIV+ video stories have been watchedmore than 1.5 million times.
-More than 110K peoplehave committeda text that said they were aware of HIV and stood side by side with HIV+ individuals.
-Our campaign caused40% increase in “HIV/AIDS” searchesin Turkeyaccording to Google Turkey trends.