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M800 Limited - Innovation of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: M800 Limited, Hong Kong
Company Description: Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Hong Kong, M800 is a leading CPaaS provider that provides a cloud-based application layer that runs through our global distributed network infrastructure, allowing businesses to quickly and easily integrate carrier-grade quality of calling, texting, and other real-time communication functions.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Innovation of the Year - Business Products Industries

Nomination Title: M800 Limited - Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since 1 January 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

About M800

In 2016, M800 started in a new direction where we embarked on new mobile internet solutions. M800 branched out from our traditional telecommunications solutions to create solutions that use traditional telecommunications as the foundation but adding an IT layer on top of it. While the pure telecommunication business model was “safe” and generating a healthy revenue stream, but M800 know that to grow, we needed to reinvent ourselves, even if that means disrupting our current products.

M800 launched 3 new solutions in 2016. To enable these solutions, and to guarantee the service quality and strict SLAs, M800 has invested millions of dollars in building the 20 POPs around the world. The POPs contain Session Border Controller (SBC), Content Delivery Network (CDN), Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), Next Generation Network (NGN), Signal Transfer Point (STP), Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and SIP Server.

M800 have also added to the POPs with our own Instant Messaging Server (MIMS) to facilitate multi-user chat, rich messaging and secure instant messaging with SSL encryption. We have also included the User Management Server (MUMS) for user access and authentication, social network integration, developers and applications access control and user roles management.

This is a rare for most telecommunications companies as most similar companies, even the more established telcos do not take the high risk to invest in such equipment and infrastructure globally. But it is also through this that M800 is able to differentiate itself from the competition - breaking away from just being a traditional telecommunications player being recognized as a leading global CPaaS player. And with our strong telecommunication background, M800 communication solutions are also disrupting the communication software industry setting new and groundbreaking standards.

All these changes in 2016 now put M800 in a unique position as both a telecommunication and IT player, being a force to reckon in both industries.

Our solutions and accomplishments

i. SDK communication suite

Communication SDKs for brands, apps companies and IoT players to empower their products with communication. The SDKs include - voice SDK, video SDK, instant messaging SDK, conference SDK, verification SDK. These SDKs combine the existing telecommunication features. For example, the voice SDK allows off-net calls and the verification SDK has 4 major verification methods like SMS, interactive voice response, mobile terminated and mobile originated.

ii. White-label communication app reseller portal

A comprehensive reseller portal that allows our partners to resell our OTT white-label communication app with convenience and ease. This reseller portal allows the resellers to quickly create the OTT white-label communication app for their clients instantly making the go-to-market quick and fast.

By creating this portal, M800 is able to leverage on our partners’ network, some of which are the largest international mobile and telecommunication network operators. This solution creates a new revenue model for both parties while expanding M800 global growth exponentially.

iii. Integrated customer success solution, liveConnect


An integrated web and app-based solution for customer service and sales communication which for both agents and customers.

Noticing that the large 500 enterprise clients’ communications solutions are not fully integrated, M800 embarked on inventing a new software solution that will create a seamless communication for these global brands.

The liveConnect sits on the existing M800 global network infrastructure, ensuring these brands get an integrated communication that is reliable and secured, and that comes with low latency and minimal downtime. And at the same time, it comes with a unique set of features that are new to the market:

Seamless Toll Free and PBX Integration: Allows existing PBX system to pick up incoming calls while providing flexible customer support with online to Toll Free call switching.

Dynamic Phonebook & Intelligent Routing: intelligent routing algorithm to route the calls to the right department and agent, minus the hassle for the users.

Data analytics: which can then be used for CRM purposes.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this organization since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

-M800 SDK solutions’ clients include a top global car manufacturer in China that enable communication through the car’s dashboard directly. M800 SDK also supports the home security camera by top electronics company, to enable real-time bi-directional video call.
-M800 has already signed up with 3 major partner resellers for the white-label communication app reseller portal, who has a vast network of large enterprise clients. These partners are from Italy, China and Thailand.
-In 2016, M800 rolled-out the conference call SDK, video call SDK and the multi-device SDK.
-By strengthening the SDKs, M800 own products (liveConnect and the white-label communication app) has additional features as these products are built on these modular SDKs, making them even more competitive in the market.
-M800 liveConnect has been recognized for its product innovation, being awarded the Innovative Technology of The Year, by Customer Relationship Excellence Awards Hong Kong 2017.

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