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KT KBN Center - Communications Department of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: KT KBN
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description:  KT Corporation , formerly Korea Telecom, is South Korea's largest telephone company.
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications Department of the Year

Nomination Title: KBN Center

Tell the story about what this nominated department achieved since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

The KBN Center is an in-company communication center that represents the KT Group, which performs all aspects of KT Group’s in-company broadcasting planning, programming, production and transmission.

Especially, not only IPTV broadcasting installed in KT Group offices in Korea, but also operates internet broadcasting using business PCs (laptops), mobile broadcasting using business smart phones, LCDs installed in 29 KT Group buildings elevator nationwide at the same time, is a group communication center that owns so-called N Screen broadcast media that operates digital signage broadcasts at the same time.

KBN not only is the most effective method of spreading the management philosophy of KT Group executives to more than 60,000 employees, but also contributes to the communication of employees’ messages to management and leads internal innovation inside-out, in Bottom-up method.

As a result from satisfaction survey through electronic questionnaires subjected to KT Group’s self-operated KBN viewers committee, recorded an average audience rating of 84% and content satisfaction of 93%, including TV+ PC+ Mobile + LCD, making effective internal communication work!

On the other hand, the most important feature of the in-company media operated by KBN Center is easily accessible medias are selected, such as office TV, business PC (laptop), business smart phone, elevator LCD, making subscribing and searching possible for 24/7! The KT Group broadcasts KBN broadcasting plan for 6,000 employees every week from 8:45 AM for 15 minutes, various KT group news can be seen as well as VOD service and online broadcast again with logging into KBN website for KT group executives and employees.

In addition, IPTV installed in the office through the interactive service with viewers from April 2017 is preceded. During the transmission of the video, announcements for each department are provided to the audience before the broadcast, or the viewer quiz is provided as a caption popup after the broadcast and various events are being improved. Recently, KT GiGA Genie, an artificial intelligence (AI) secretary service, has been linked to provide the test service for the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) TV! This is contributing to B2B marketing opportunities for companies, in-company broadcasting!

The KBN, without postponing, is also making efforts to transform from the existing Cost Center to the Profit Center!

First of all, the center has multi-player capability for broadcasting production; therefore the cost reduction is being achieved through live broadcasting and recording the company major events that CEO participates, publicity video production, and volunteering for MC. In addition, three studios for broadcasting production and transmission is owned, therefore making new profit through facility leasing service as an external target, not only 160 different contents produced by the center members is used as in-company training material, but also provided as for promoting CEO PI and promoting corporate image for publicity, and KBN contents are sold to mass broadcasters and company internal broadcasting. Past four years, KT cash and other profits have reached 400 million KRW through the sales of contents and rental of facilities.

Not only a simple in-company communication but also spreading the CEO’s management philosophy most effectively, generating new profits through its own infrastructure, equipped with the world’s first AI TV service to lead the fourth industrial revolution, we are proud to say that the KBN center, which is trying to create an environment, is not lacking as a communication department of the year!

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this nominated department since the beginning of 2017 (up to 150 words).

-The world's only in-company communication department that operates N screens such as TV, PC, mobile, and elevator LCD
-Expansion of CEO’s management philosophy to 60,000 KT employees, significant expand of communication platform role
-Currently, in-company media integration has achieved the most effective internal communication while recording an average audience rating of 84% and content satisfaction of 93%.
-Enhance viewer participation through IPTV channel bi-directional service implementation
-World's First Artificial Intelligence (AI) TV - Establishment of trial service through linking KT GiGA Genie set-top
-Provide image data to external broadcasting company (press) to promote CEO PI and promote corporate image
-Frequent use of images in educational purposes in major departments of KT Group
-Sales of KBN Video contents, to Broadcasting corps and other In-company communication departments
-To use KBN facilities, Supporting KT B2B(Business to Business) Sales and Seminar.