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Korea Expressway Corporation - Public Affairs Campaign

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company:Korea Expressway Corporation
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description: Korea Expressway Corporation is a South Korean corporation running the toll roads of South Korea. Its mission is 'We build roads, connect people and cultures: Creating a new world'.
Nomination Category: Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, & Public Relations Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Public Affairs

Nomination Title: Korea Expressway Corporation's Expressway safety campaign

Tell the story about this nominated campaign since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Established in 1969, Korea Expressway Corporation is a public corporation that builds and maintain expressways in Korea. Korea Expressway Corporation is constantly striving to make safe and convenient expressways and to stand as the world's best smart expressway corporation.

The number of casualties caused by expressway traffic accidents is increasing every year, and an average of 256 people were killed on expressway traffic accidents in the last five years. Korea Expressway Corporation is implementing a massive traffic safety campaign to reduce expressways in year 2018 with the motto "People are the priority."

First of all, drowsy driving, the first leading cause of expressway accident deaths.

In order to reduce accidents, we promoted TV and radio annual campaigns

The animation to prevent the second representative cause was produced, and utilized to easily recognize and prevent the risk of secondary accident. Addition, we carried out on-site and online campaign for resting places that brings changes in traffic safety awareness through numerous experiences and participation.

The result of continuous traffic safety campaigns during the first half of 2018, public awareness and consciousness of traffic accidents have improved and expressway traffic accidents have greatly reduced traffic accidents compared to 2017.

* Compared to the first half of 2017, the result of 15% reduce of drowsy driving, which was th representative cause of the expressway accident deaths, and 54% reduce of the secondary accidents.

Korea Expressway Corporation will continue to pursue a sustainable and effective campaign to save precious lives with the motto "People are the priority.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and results of this nominated PR program since the beginning of 2017 (up to 150 words).

1. Developed company-wide traffic safety campaign(As of June 2017)
- Drowsy accidents : 15% lower than in 2017 (196 in 2017 → 166 in 2018)
- Secondary accidents : 54% lower than in 2017 44 in 2017 → 20 in 2018)

2. Drowsy driving prevention gymnastics development and video production distribution (more than 1 million views)

3. Develope drowsy driving overthrow resting area on-site campaign (May 18 ~ June 29, 45,000 people participated)

4. Drowsy driving prevention broadcast campaign production and promotion
- 451 times TV campaigns, 565 times radio campaigns, 10 times broadcasts, etc.

5. Secondary accident preventive animation production and promotion
-Theater advertising (over 550,000 views), public agency collaboration (Using 112 local governments LED board, 3,051 bus stops, etc.)

6. Developed a traffic safety campaign using Facebook (350,000 people participated

7. Prevention of secondary accident promotion material (leaflet) distributed in resting areas, sales office, expressway facilities nationwide.