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KORAIL - Best E-Book

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Company: KORAIL, Daejeon, South Korea
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description: Korail is the national railroad operator in South Korea. Korail operates commuter, subway, intercity and freight trains throughout South Korea.
Nomination Category: Annual Report & Other Publication Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best E-Book

Nomination Title: KORAIL House organ 'Happiness Plus leading to RAIL'

The date on which this nominated e-book was first distributed or otherwise made public:
KORAIL House organ 'Happiness Plus leading to RAIL' Production of No. 596

Monthly Newsletter <Happy Plus leading to RAIL> by the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL) published the 596th edition of its 53th anniversary in May 2017. No.600 will be produced in upcoming September.

In May 1964, the newsletter started as <Railway> and for over half a century, it have been delivering the company news to the people of the railway every month.

KORAIL newsletter produces 54 pages, full-colored, for employees to easily encounter. Even with the printing matter being replaced with an e-book, the cover is raised in three-dimensional manner to maintain the integrity of the publication, thereby enhancing the scarcity. We are also making it friendly to convey softness to the stiff image of the railway.

The contents of the newsletter are constituted by reporters composed of company executives and external railway enthusiasts. Various stories of construction policy and regional headquarters are found by oneself and written in articles to tell the stories. More than 650 stations and 12 regional headquarters stories are told by the reporters and shared from time to time.

Employees also report interesting coverage to the newsletter. Based on such report, we visit the scene of passion and their warmth is written, and kindly pass on the story of people living in the railroad. With the interest of all the employees, newsletter <Happiness Plus leading to RAIL> set a record, the issuance of 596th edition.

The newsletter is delivered to more than 1,970 offices nationwide every months and has more than 27,000 employees with readership. They are located at each station and department, and have a great influence on the communication between the employees. Newsletter act as a window to become interested in each other and to help each other. It is regarded as a good example of conducting the spread of corporate culture and promoting marketing as communication and exchange among employees.

Newsletter is also available as a webzine, subscription on smartphones are available anytime, anywhere, it is attracting subscriber's attention with hidden pictures in articles, and with events that readers can participate.

-May 1964, published as <Railroad> (Title changed in 2005)
-January 2017, change in size format (220*280mm)
-January 2017, three dimensional (folding), perforated cover improvement
-February 2017, Launched a responsive mobile webzine
-May 2017, 53rd anniversary of publish, 596th edition issued.
-September 2017, 600th edition to be issued (scheduled)
-23 reporters within the company
-3,000 copies published monthly, 1,970 copies distributed to every stations and offices nationwide.
-Awarded Grand Prize in Korea Communications 2008

Briefly describe this e-book's communications objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 200 words):

-Launched in May 1964 as the <Railroad>, on 53th anniversary of publication, launched 596th edition.
-23 reporters within the company.
-3,000 copies published monthly, 1,970 copies distributed to every stations and offices nationwide.
-Created as a webzine, can read and subscribe with smartphone anytime, anywhere.
-Awarded Grand Prize in Korea Communications 2008

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