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HUYA Bioscience International - Entrepreneur of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: HUYA Bioscience International
Company Description: HUYA Bioscience International is a leader in enabling and accelerating the global development of novel biopharmaceutical product opportunities originating in China. HUYA has offices in the U.S., Japan and in eight strategic locations across China, with joint headquarters in San Diego and Shanghai.
Nomination Category: Entrepreneur Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Entrepreneur of the Year - Pharmaceuticals

Nomination Title: Mireille Gillings, Ph.D., Hon. D.Sc., Entrepreneur of the Year - Pharmaceuticals

Tell the story about what this nominated entrepreneur has achieved since January 1 2017 (up to 650 words). Describe the impact he or she has had on your organization. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Mireille Gillings, Ph.D., Hon. DSc., is the founder,Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chair of HUYA Bioscience International (

Asone of the first people to recognize China’s potential to meet global demand for new preclinical and clinical stage compounds, Mireille founded HUYA to increase the speed of development and value creationfor China-sourced innovationsin worldwide markets.This involves identifying and licensingthe most promising pre-clinical and clinical stage compounds in China, leveraging and extending the research efforts of Chinese partners, and providing a bridge into the international development process and global biopharma market. Many of these compounds have already been validated through a rigorous discovery, selection and development process in China, so this model streamlines and accelerates development globally, while lowering risk. Moreover, the strength of HUYA’s relationships with its Chinese partners ensures a continuous source of compounds for the future. The ultimate aim is to get drugs to patients faster.

Today,HUYA has:

-A database of ~16,000 China-sourced compounds – the world’s largest
-100+ agreementswith leading universities, research institutes, and science parks throughout China
-A pipeline including the next generation immunomodulatory oncology drug HBI-8000, the novel anti-arrhythmic HBI-3000, and the small molecule with regenerative properties for myocardial infarction, HBI-3802.
-80 scouts in China, more than top 5 global biopharma firms combined
-Access to55% of the biopharma innovation in China
-Eight strategically located offices across China (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, China Medical City Taizhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan).
-Joint headquarters in Shanghai and San Diego, California.

Two major strategic partnerships have been formed in the period since January 1, 2017.

The first, announced on January 18, 2017, iswith the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation and Investment Company (CAS Innovation). The collaboration focuses on developing and commercializing biomedical innovations discovered at CAS. Biomedicine is a core area for CAS Innovation, which positions itself as a base for biopharmaceutical translational medicine, and targets innovative R&D in the high-end segment of the industry value chain. Under the agreement, biotech and pharma R&D organizations within the CAS Innovation platform can access HUYA’s international pharmaceutical expertise and networks as well as support from HUYA’s global team of experts. HUYA will have priority to evaluate certain research and development projects at these R&D organizations, and to secure partnerships to further develop and commercialize these candidate therapeutics for global markets.

The second, announced on July 10, 2017,iswith Suzhou BioTOP Technical Service Co. Ltd. (BioTOP) of China. This focuses on advancing development of biomedical innovations from companies and research organizations in Suzhou BioBay in the Yangtze River Delta region. With its integrated software and hardware service platforms, BioTOP helps companies in BioBay to reduce R&D costs and accelerate commercialization. Local Chinese pharmaceutical companies and research organizations in BioBay can access HUYA’s international expertise in drug development and commercialization. In return, HUYA will have priority to evaluate certain research and development opportunities of these entities, and potentially co-develop them for global markets.

As part of its ongoing commitment to China and based on its founding principles HUYA has established a China Advisory Board comprising of key opinion leaders in China. The 2017 annual meeting took place on March 21, 2017, in Shanghai. The 11 experts are drawn from the medical, scientific and biopharmaceutical sectors. The discussions, which center on how to drive innovation, are designed to drive mutual understanding and encourage scientific dialogue.

Also in 2017, Mireille was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Exeter (UK) in recognition of her significant business, scientific and philanthropic achievements. In that year, the UKSunday Timesnamed her as one of the top 10 women entrepreneurs.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of 2017.

-In January 2017, HUYA announceda strategic collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation and Investment Co. to develop and commercialize CAS biomedical innovations.
-In July 2017,HUYA formed a strategic collaboration with China’s Suzhou BioTOP Technical Service Co. Ltd. to develop biomedical innovations from organizations in Suzhou BioBay.
-The novel epigenetic drug, HBI-8000, combined with nivolumab, moved into phase 1b/2 trials for solid tumors. HBI-8000 is in preclinical studies for solid tumors in combination with other therapies.
-An oral formulation of the multi-ion channel blocker, HBI-3000, moved into phase 2c trials for premature ventricular contractions in China. A Phase I study of HBI-3000 is underway in the UK, and a phase 2 dose escalation study is planned in acute atrial fibrillation.
-The small molecule with potential for regenerating cardiac muscle cells, HBI-3802, continued in preclinical studies in China and the USA for acute myocardial infarction.