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GSK Company Turkey - CSR Program of the Year

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Company: GSK Turkey Company
Entry Submitted By: Magnet20, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Glaxosmithkline has been present in Turkey for more than 50 years, and today is the sixth largest vendor of pharmaceutical products in the country
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category:Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year - in Europe

Nomination Title: GSK Turkey Company: "Healthy Youth Movement"

Tell the story about this nominated CSR program as it has been carried out since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Health literacy is being capable of protecting, improving the health of an individual. It also helps individuals to learn, interpret, understand the basic health knowledges and services.

Problematic and inadequate health literacy is measured 46% in Europe, 64% in Turkey.And, number of applications to hospitals emergency services; 130 million in the US with a population of 324 million, and 25 million in the UK with a population of 53 million.The number of applicants in Turkey has reached 111 million. (Population of Turkey is just 80 million)

So, we launched a project to improve the health literacy in Turkey by focusing on young people primarily.

We have discovered the most outstanding ignorance in our research.As a result of this research, we have identified 8 titles.

Hygiene and self-care
Healthy eating and fighting against obesity
Health rights
Fighting against addiction
Feeling well spiritually and well-being protection
Life skills during disasters
Healthy environment and lifelong health
Conscious medication

Together with GSK and TOG(Community Volunteers Foundation), we prepared trainings, which had lasted 6 months, for 40 young people those were selected from all applicants.

We shared our educative contents which we prepared by supervising young people’s communication and learning behaviours.With participation of 7.600 young that 91% of them were 19 or 20 years old, face to face educations have been organized. As a result of these educations, we have 7.600 volunteer potential trainers who will educate their friends and raise awareness of society.

So, we have created an organization where 7,600 volunteer trainers who will have access to share basic health knowledges of over 2.2 million people (A person has average 300 friends on social networks)in total.

We also shared our trainings with young people via social media channels as videos and informative social media contens. 50,000 people interacted directly with our social media accounts and contens.

Our volunteers, with supports and participations of GSK and Community Volunteers Foundation’s (TOG) representatives, renewed 13 schools in Turkey via "Movement of Healthy Schools" project which is a sub-project of our project.

Furthermore, in many cities in Turkey, re-trainings and organic digital communications activities reaching over 2.5 million people. And in these activities, the level of consciousness at the beginning and the end of the project was measured by SPSS methodas follows.

Hygiene and self-care awareness increased by 17 points from 27.3% to 44.5%.
The awareness of healthy nutrition and fighting against obesity increased by 18 points to 42.8% from 24.1%.
Health rights awareness increased by 13 points from 32.5% to 46.2%.
Fighting against addiction awarenessincreased by 16 points from 22.7% to %39.4
Feeling well spiritually and well-being protection increased by 15 points from 29.7% to 44.7%
Awareness of life skills in times of disaster incerased by 24 points from 25.3% to 49.8%
Healthy environmental awareness increased by 16 points from 32.4% to 49%.
Conscious medication increased by 9 points from 28.3% to %38.1

In total, the level of health literacy of the people our trainings reach is increase by 16 points at first year.The project is continuing this year with the communication strategy of educative online information.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) chief achievements since 1 January 2017 of the nominated CSR program (up to 150 words).

-7,600 young people received face to face training 20 different cities in 600 different sessions and they got all information like volunteer instructor within the scope of health literacy
-More than 2.5 million people received health information on online media channels.
-According to the researches before and after the training; The level of health literacy, among participant youth aged 19-20 has increased to 44.2% from 27,8%. An increment of 16,4% was achieved about awareness.
-Espeacially, struggle with addiction consciousness and life skills during disaster times have the highest development scores of change. It’s significiant for Turkey's critical position in eartquake zone and the rapid increase in drug abuse.
-Under the title “Healthy School Movement”, we renewed 13 schools with our volunteers and supporters.