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Graham Shapiro Design - Entrepreneur of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Graham Shapiro Design, United Kingdom
Company Description: Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) is one of the UK’s leading providers in creative visual communication. Creating websites, mobile applications, branding and design for print. Working online and offline for some of the world's most respected companies, including: Philips, Liverpool F.C, Clive Christian, CSIRO, Rolex, Samsung and Typhoo Tea.
Nomination Category: Entrepreneur Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Entrepreneur of the Year - Internet/New Media

Nomination Title: Graham Shapiro

Tell the story about what this nominated entrepreneur has achieved since January 1 2017 (up to 650 words). Describe the impact he or she has had on your organization. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Graham Shapiro is an award-winning inventor, designer & digital entrepreneur. A Fellow member of The Chartered Society of Designers and Chartered Institute of Marketing. An Ambassador of Innovation for The University of Cambridge. Graham invented the interloopmailer® and Reggie®. His company Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) has worked with some of the world’s most respected companies for over 22 years.

Graham continues to drive his business to create online and offline designs for global companies like: Clive Christian, CSIRO, Liverpool F.C, Philips, Porsche, Samsung, Siemens, Rolex, and Typhoo Tea.

Graham Shapiro Design is currently performing the best is has in 20 years. 80% of projects are internet based, digital or new media, with 87% profit margins.

Lucrative digital projects with luxury brands, particularly in the automotive industry have really helped Graham Shapiro Design perform well over the last year.

Recent highlight examples of unique innovation and business growth that Graham has initiated and driven forward over the last 12 months include:

- Working alongside Rolex for the last 2 years on their digital strategy, with all of their UK retailers.
- Completing car websites for Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo.
- Building a website cost configurator portal for BRUSH which saved the company 2 million dollars last year.
- Appointing a new Chairman for Graham Shapiro Design – John Mohin OBE. John works closely with The Royal Family and was previously MD of Wedgewood.

On the back of winning 3 IBX Awards in Dubai, The Dubai Government briefed Graham Shapiro for 2 new Reggie® products in early 2017. One is for school bus registration and the other around fire safety. The 2 app products, Reggie® Student Tracker and Reggie® Fire Marshal will potentially bring in revenue streams of 5 million dollars a year. Please see attached 2_reggie_products_in_dubai.pdf


Reggie® products are first in the world registration mobile applications for all sectors including: Education, Health & Safety, Sport and Hotels, which allows registration to take place, anytime and anywhere. Quick, easy to use and affordable, saving time and money.

New Reggie® products in the last year include: -

Reggie® Education- Reggie® Education is one of the world’s first mobile applications that allows teachers to take the student register, anytime and anywhere. Reggie® Education is working in 1,000’s of UK’s schools and has continued to grow in the last year. For more detailed information please go to:

Reggie® Rooms- Allowing housekeepers to do room checks through a mobile application, connecting with a central hotel system, instead of on bits of paper. Hotel collaboration partners include: Malmaison and Marriot Hotels. Please visit: , Please also see attachment Reggie_Rooms.pdf

Reggie® Bike- Reggie® Bike is a first in the world digital platform that will revolutionise the way bikes are sold in the UK, it has been specifically designed to deter theft but more importantly make it hard for stolen bikes to be sold on, thus bike theft will no longer be considered easy cash for thieves. The Strategy used by Reggie® Bike, we believe will dramatically reduce bike theft within a few years in the UK. On every new bike sale, it will be registered through a mobile app and registered on a system. The police through an ID code on the bike can detect whether a bike is stolen and who it is registered to. Collaboration partners include: The Metropolitan Police, the Mayor of London and Sir Ronnie Flanagan (Crime Stoppers). Please see attachment Reggie_Bike.pdf

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this nominated entrepreneur since the beginning of 2017.

- Ambassador of Innovation for The University of Cambridge.
- Technology Entrepreneur of The Year.
- Working alongside Rolex on their digital strategy for 2017-18.
- Leading innovation for car websites such as Porsche, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo.
- Building a website cost configurator portal for BRUSH which saved the company 2 million dollars.
- Establishing a collaboration and gaining investment for new Reggie® app products.
- Chairman of judges at the IBX Awards in Dubai 2017.
- Shorlisted for GB Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year.

Please also see attached whygrahamshapiro.docx which has key links and appropriate video links, as supporting evidence of Graham Shapiro's achievements.