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Gitti Gidiyor Blog and Blog TV

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: GittiGidiyor (ebay Turkey), Istanbul, Turkey
Entry Submitted By: Conventio Event Management
Company Description: GittiGidiyor was founded in 2001, and became an e-marketplace platform where more then 11 million people meet for shopping. In 2011 it was acquired by e-bay. It's also possible to open your own shop within the marketplace. GittiGidiyor will keep being the most prefferable e-marketplace with over 40 million visitors / month.
Nomination Category: Website Specialty Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Blog

Nomination Title: Gitti Gidiyor Blog and Blog TV

When was this blog first published?

With the power of “The host of e-commerce” position in the sector and its experience reaching out all categories, GittiGidiyor launched its GittiGidiyor Blog by the beginning of 2016, the GittiGidiyor which known to be a guide in shopping by sharing everything that is to know about shopping based on professional content, in a short time, turned into a content platform created by expert editors.

Briefly describe this blog's communications objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 200 words):

GittiGidiyor facilitates communication with target audience by bringing into the blog 8 main categories that attract e-commerce users the most. For every single content, different communication plans developed based on the target audience. Thanks to its user-friendly infrastructure, users who search via keywords, are directed to banners of related blog entries. In this way, GittiGidiyor is using content marketing as a tool for encouraging sales. As a result, the target audience accessing the content is directed to buy products.

GittiGidiyor’s aim was to raise awareness of e-commerce and online shopping, to expand GittiGidiyor search results, to enable people shop the story they read, and to encompass all categories through the hot of e-commerce perspective and to highlight its expertise in the sector. More than 2000 blog posts and 70 content videos were published in GittiGidiyor Blog, 2.3 million traffic and 3.2 million pageviews were generated.

GittiGidiyor collaborates with influencers via BlogTV. Videos, by those names and experts whom users rely on, follow the most, are quite popular. Influencer videos are created, with the names representing the category the best according to the target audience. Numerous written content, video collaborations are being carried out with well-known brands: Philips, LG

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

-At first place, videos with 9 brands were created (example of Philips was uploaded)
-Traffic from the videos to GittiGidiyor and to the products was noticeably increased
-Increased the blog traffic
-With the help of Blog TV videos GittiGidiyor Youtube members went upto 15K, and left all competitors behind
-In 2016, 70% of social media engagement was generated by Blog posts.
-GittiGidiyor Blog videos are viewed 5.5 million monthly and they reach almost 20 million users per month.