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Garanti Bank - Garanti Cep App

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Company: Garanti Bank
Company Description: Established in 1946, Garanti Bank is Turkey’s second largest private bank with consolidated assets exceeding US$ 106 billion as of September 30, 2013.
Nomination Category: Mobile Site & App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Financial Services / Banking

Nomination Title: Garanti Bank’s Garanti Cep App

Date this app was first released: May 1, 2012

Briefly describe this mobile site or app’s objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 200 words). If applicable, include here the platforms your app supports:

Garanti Cep aims to deliver a flawless journey to customers whenever and wherever they want with native applications that spread to all platforms. It helps users manage their financial needs easily and quickly. Personal and corporate customers can perform financial and non-financial transactions through a user-friendly interface. Since 2012, we are improving the user experience while expanding the transaction set. This year, we launched a new version with a totally new public and secure dashboard which were redesigned by considering new user trends, users’ comments on stores and social media. In a short while, just after launch, we had hundreds of great comments from satisfied users which shows us we had pushed the right button. With continuously renewing itself based on customer needs and obtaining high customer ratings, Garanti Cep proves it is the leader in the digital banking sector in Turkey and one of the pioneer players globally.

Provide the applicable creative and production credits for this entry:

Today, Garanti Bank’s mobile banking app, Garanti Cep, is up and running on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android (Phone & Tablet). It is aiming to widen its digital channel range in order to touch customers and nonbank customers from as many channels as possible. 99% of transactions via Internet Banking can also be accomplished via mobile banking. According to our opti-channel strategy, we aim to exist at platforms where customers are present and in need of us to perform their daily banking transactions.

As Mobile Financial Services team, our job is to develop our mobile banking applications in order to make customers satisfied with their financial needs and to enhance our transaction set with latest technological advancements. We follow latest digital and fintech trends closely and try to figure how to adopt these technologies into our strategy. Furthermore, the bank's management also seeks to foster a culture of innovation, whereby employees are encouraged to submit innovative ideas. Garanti Bank follows a customer-centric and innovation-driven approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and retention rates and allows for greater cross-selling through the use of sophisticated customer segmentation models and advanced technological capabilities.

By keeping in mind how valuable user experience is, Garanti Bank has been transforming their login flows. The new way to login definitely saves users’ considerable effort while enabling customers to perform the seamless journey. Login improvements have started with tokenization & remember me features in the past years but innovative solutions are also served for online banking users. They have started to experience a simpler method of Login via Tokenization in 2016. Now, they are able to log in by approving the notification that they receive from Garanti Mobile. This “Login via Notification” feature eliminates the need to read SMS OTP and type it to the web. Together with the tokenization feature, this new method swept away the SMS dependency and enables us to serve a faster login process, while also solving the headache to wait for these messages and lost them in the network while abroad. While all these improvements are solving the problems on the factor-something you have- the number of passwords that users have to remember has been increasing day by day with the new services that come into their lives. That’s why biometrics is becoming an indispensable part of digital technologies. Thus, with the new version, released in February, Garanti Mobile users are able to login easily, securely and quickly by recognizing the structure of the eyes. For the users who activate “Login via Eye Recognition” feature, one look is enough to log into mobile while on the go. No more passwords to remember or manage and users still can use their password as an alternate. What is more, by using the gyroscope feature, it is enough to position the phone in the vertical axis to open eye-scan. It facilitates the seamless login and clears away all the frictions.

Furthermore, with the latest update, Garanti Mobile has been redesigned by considering new user trends, users’ comments on stores and social media. From public page to secure dashboard as well as the login flows, users have a much more simplified experience. For instance, with only scanning their eyes users can directly login and see their account balance & card limit as well as recent transactions. Plus, it is much easier to perform quick actions which are the most used ones. This is parallel to Garanti Bank’s strategy to perform transactions with one-click to create seamless user journeys. Definitely, this feature is going to reveal many different cases and future opportunities for more innovative bleeding-edge products and services.

Apart from this, there are several hero functions at Garanti Cep. Here are some detailed information about one of these functions;


Mobile Interactive Assistant (MIA) is a virtual voice assistant that provides performing banking transactions by voice. MIA is developed on Garanti Bank’s mobile platform, “Garanti Cep”. In Garanti Cep, users can reach MIA by clicking on the right-upper icon on the main page of the application. A parallel overview screen will appear to help users to say their transaction and get answers instantly.

MIA which will open on the overview screen in a parallel way will great you by saying “Hello, how can I help you?”. With the different modes of the microphone avatar on the screen, you can follow what the application expects from you. While in talking mode, the mouth will be moving, and while in the listening mode it will be blinking, and so on.

Mobile Interactive Assistant project is a one of a kind application in terms of financial institutions in the world. Through the application which was developed with an extensive grammar and comprehension capacity, all banking transactions can be performed by voice, through 200 different intents and 65 different concepts. This application, for which “iOS Siri” would be the closest example we give, is anticipated to be used as a benchmark across the world.

Video Loan:

While many of our customers use digital channels to meet their daily banking needs, the conventional branch operating hours do not always allow for the face-to-face meeting. We believe that offering the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting on mobile will enhance user experience especially in an important subject such as getting a loan. Therefore, Mobile Video Loan Application feature has been integrated into Mobile Banking which will allow for online face-to-face meeting with loan consultants. With this feature which is a first in Turkey, our customers' dependence on digital channels will increase and a unique mobile experience will be offered. Additionally, there couldn't be a better time to make our face-to-face mobile service uninterrupted and faster with the 4.5G technology that was made available in April 2016.

Money Withdrawal / Deposit with QR

In 2014, we launched Money Withdrawal with QR to Mobile Banking. Regarding this; after login, customers choose the amount to withdraw and press 1 in ATM to scan the QR code in ATM via Garanti Cep. Now, this function is even much easier as it is developed for the login page and customers can now withdraw money without typing any password under favor of Tokenization infrastructure in Garanti Cep.

Garanti Cep’s main aim is to facilitate customer’s life and satisfy customer’s financial needs. With this function, customers do not need to carry any cards to withdraw money from ATM. What is more is that customers do not even have to log in. Our desired outcome is to increase Garanti Cep usage, serving with a better UX to satisfy our users. Also, another aim is to minimize wasted time in front of ATM’s. Regarding digitalization of banking services, cardless money withdrawal is currently essential for the marketplace right now. Our digital banking and technology teams are responsible for this feature. This feature decreases money withdrawal process to 15 seconds. It is highly successful and highly appreciated by the customers.

Regarding digitalization of banking services, cardless money withdrawal is currently essential for the marketplace right now. Our digital banking and technology teams are responsible for this feature. This feature decreases money withdrawal process to 10 seconds. It is highly successful and highly appreciated from the customers. As account and withdrawal amount is remembered in the following logins, the only thing a user has to do is entering their password and press 1 in ATM to scan the QR code via Garanti Cep.

At the end of August 2017, besides withdrawal transaction, we implemented money deposit with QR code. This is the nearly same flow with money withdraw, only difference is customers do not have to type the amount. Only information needed is to select the account for deposit money. Also in the same page, customers can find nearby ATM’s and branches to complete the transaction. This function is located at the public and the secure page. Customers do not have to login and they can complete the transaction by typing the password.

Customers are familiar with the QR code in Garanti Mobile Banking, so the first feedback were very positive and the usage rates are very high for a new feature.

At 18 October, we enabled foreign currency accounts to withdraw money and deposit too. We are aiming to extend the reach of this withdrawal and deposit transactions with QR code in Garanti Mobile Banking.


Since April 2017, Garanti Bank users can send money to any telephone number through any application via Garanti Mobile Keyboard. Through this feature, users enjoy instantaneous money transfer capabilities while chatting with friends and family members on any social messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter. This way turns money transfer experience into intuitive, contextual and simple way without needing to share the details of the recipient's bank account. By this way, Garanti makes everyday banking simpler and more frictionless. Users do not need to open banking application and do not need to leave the social conversation when they need to transfer money. Through Garanti Mobile Keyboard, users change their device’s keyboard into Garanti Mobile Keyboard, pick a contact from their contact list, type the money amount they want to transfer, authenticate through typing their Garanti Cep password and tap Send button. By this way, the money is sent through any social network in a fast and secure way.

The main goal of the project is to gain P2P transactions and through this, position the bank an innovation leader and first to market via entering into social networks. The project also serves as a strategic driver for promoting mobile banking services and increasing Millennial retention. Garanti Mobile Keyboard brings a fresh and innovative solution to the problem of money transfer experience within traditional banking world, the need open a dedicated app, banking app, in order to transfer money. Today, users prefer to perform their banking transactions from channels they are used to and most familiar with. They prefer to complete their transactions in the easiest way. Messaging and social platforms are most commonly used tools for customers and thus, are very suitable for third parties to collaborate and offer to-the-point services. Thus, Garanti Bank allows its customers to transfer money through any application without the need of using the internet or mobile banking. By this way, it fulfills the needs of people who do not want to or are not used to using banking channels for their daily financial needs. This project is a game-changing service that allows customers alternatives channels for banking transactions. Through its new keyboard, Garanti enriches the ecosystem and make a difference in the market by not only acting as a financial player but also a collaborator in terms of reaching customers when they are in need.

Login via Eye Recognition

In February 2017, we have integrated a new way to log in to Garanti Mobile Banking. This new method is called Login via Eye Scanning which enables users to log in to Garanti Mobile easily, securely, and quickly by recognizing the structure of their eyes. Users can complete their eye scanning setup in a few seconds by looking at the camera on the screen that opens upon their confirmation. In their next login, they can use Login via Eye Scanning with the compatible iOS and Android devices.

The biggest hurdle against user experience is definitely the authentication process. By keeping in mind how valuable users’ time is, Garanti Bank has been transforming their login flows. New way of login definitely saves users’ considerable effort while enabling customers to perform seamless journey. The thinking behind this project was enabling mobile banking users to have a secure and fast alternative for their passwords. Most of the mobile banking users may have a lot of passwords to remember in their daily lives and having such a burden to remember all these password makes difficult to maintain users’ lives. That’s why; the main rationale behind this project is offering Garanti Mobile Banking users a secure, easy and fast login method which led us to Login via Eye Scanning.

After completing eye scanning setup in a few seconds by looking at the camera on the screen that opens upon confirmation, users can use Login via Eye Scanning in their next login. This provides customers the flexibility of not being mandatory to remember passwords as well as highly secure and fast login method.

Since the mind-set of digital banking users is prone to have products/services that are mobile and easy to use, Login via Eye Scanning exactly appeals to their needs. They can use this login method even when they are fully mobile. For instance, typing passwords might be challenging while walking; but, Login via Eye Scanning provides great convenience that you do not need to type anything. By using the gyroscope technology, it is enough to position the phone in the vertical axis to open eye-scan and no tap is needed.

QR Money Transfer

First in Turkey! Customers can scan the QR code of recipient at QR Transactions menu and send money instantly. The QR code of customers are located next to the profile photo. It is easy to show QR code to sender or save and share it. It is a very quick way to complete P2P Money transfer by replacing IBAN with QR code.