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The Gangnam District Office News

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Company: Gang Nam Gu Office, Seoul, South Korea
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description: The Gangnam District is one of the 25 local government districts which make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam literally means "South of the River"
Nomination Category: Mobile Site & App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Public Service & Activism

Nomination Title: The Gangnam District Office News

Date this app was first released:

The Gangnam District Office News is a representative news of Gangnam that contributes to the satisfaction of public service by accurately and easily communicating the public policy and social issues to its residents. Since 1995, it has distributed 120,000 copies every month. Gangnam-gu is a dynamic city that is already famous for its 'Gangnam style', and it is not only a city that creates future-oriented values, but also a place where many political, economic, social and cultural issues arise. makes monthly special feature, which focuses and analyze on complex issues such as Yeongdongdaero integrated development, reconstruction business, and development of Suseo station area. It has been working as a role of public news so that residents with interests know the problems and solutions, construction progress, the schedule of public announcements, in order to protect the interests of residents.

It conveys complex administrative services easily to the residents so that they can understand. The '' New Year News '' section is filled with various complicated administrative services such as welfare service, petition application, etc. with easy-to-understand design and easy-to-understand articles, receiving great response from the residents.

It also serves a role to convey rich cultural events and culture beyond simple administrative information. 'Cover Story' is a popular section that covers a variety of cherry blossom viewing spots, leafy road spots, major national holiday events, considering holiday events in consideration of the issues and seasons of the month. In addition, the 'Cultural Events' section displays a variety of free performances, so that more people can enjoy the performance programs. Through the 'health' section, it is providing useful health information such as walking exercise and is leading the health promotion of residents. As a global tourism city, it has been actively promoting regional festivals and tourist information using the 'English section' to promote regional economic development and has been increasing the satisfaction of tourists.

It wishes to communicate with the residents more than anything else. It avoids unilateral production, in every month's production, editorial committee members, affiliated with civilian experts and council members, are participating. Also, in connection with social media, it also uses citizen's posts as an article. Also, in the section 'Honorary Press', it has been continuously carrying resident's column on local issues.

In 2016, has selected 30 more additional student honorary journalists and foreign honorary journalists, providing more diverse voices. Also, it has been transformed into various forms and is expanding the scope of the public newsletter beyond the limitation of paper news, into various forms such as YouTube video, e-book, SNS, Braille book, voice file, etc.

In the future, will strengthen its role as a communication channel between the government and citizens, further strengthening its role as a newsletter that ponders pending issues with local residents and includes voices of residents.

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Issue: Forwarding the inrformation that the residents need to know during the process of Yeongdongdaero integrated development, reconstruction business, and development of Suseo station area, as planning articles.

Welfare: Monthly introduction of welfare services such as contributing donation culture, rental housing application, subsidy support by reporting personal donor list and social contribution companies

Economy: Planning articles on promoting local commercial areas 'The Street of Taste', Planning articles on Gangnam-gu enterprise overseas advance cases.

Tour: Introduction of major attractions such as Yangjaecheon (stream)Cherry Blossom Festival, C-Festival, Gangnam Festival, etc. and introduction of major tour spots such as COEX, Bongeunsa Temple, Korean wave tourist attractions, etc. (Using English Section)

Environment: Planned articles on environmental policies such as fine dust reduction and apartment photovoltaic facilities, etc.

Communication Channels: Connecting residents' participation columns, social media to reflect the stories of residents in the newsletter

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