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The Gangnam District Office News

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Gang Nam Gu Office, Seoul, South Korea
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description: Gangnam-gu, known as ‘Gangnam Style’. is a not only dynamic city that creates the futuristic value but is a complex city where many political, economic, social and cultural issues arise. Nomination Category: Annual Report & Other Publication Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Annual Report - Print

Nomination Title: The Gangnam District Office News

Date this annual report was first distributed:

The Gangnam District Office News has distributed 120,000 copies every month free of charge since 1995, as a representative newsletter that contributes to the satisfaction of public service by accurately and easily reporting the public policy and social issues to citizen.

Gangnam-gu, known as ‘Gangnam Style’. is a not only dynamic city that creates the futuristic value but is a complex city where many political, economic, social and cultural issues arise. The Gangnam District Office News, which covering them in detail to protect the interests of residents. has acted as a public newsletter. In addition, it is also considered a public-friendly newspapers with public comments on these issues. Also, it has received a great response from residents by conveying Various and complex administrative services such as welfare services, petition applications with friendly design and easy-to-understand articles.

Meanwhile, by using an English page to post local festivals and Tourist Informationm as a world-class tourist city with tourism infrastructure such as Seoul City Airport, Suseo SRT, the Gangnam District Office News is able to promote regional economic development and raising the satisfaction of tourists.

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

1. Based on the municipal policy, it delivers diverse and informative news, campaigns, cultural events, tourism, health, and parliamentary news, but also make changes in designs and compositions with differentiated planning articles and trendy columns.
2. Beyond the limits of paper newspapers, it is transformed into various forms such as YouTube videos, e-books, and social media, braille books, voice files to communicate with people.
3. Various participation of residents honorary journalist, and appointing students and foreigners as a honorary journalist in 2016 to communicate with more diversity than before.
4. It plays a role as a interactive channel by writing a dialogue with the the head of Gangnam-gu office and residents honorary journalist as a planning article to show the policies of the local government friendly.
5. Leading campaigns such as local festivals : Cover design and planning articles on festivals and including discount coupons.
6. The readers-friendly newsletter : Photographs posted by the residents directly on Facebook, were produced as planned articles in the newsletter.
7. Emphasizing sophisticated design adjusted to the contents, seasons, issues

Provide the applicable creative and production credits for this entry:

The publisher : The Mayor of Gangnam-gu, Yeon-Hee Shin
The editor : The head of Public information Division, Yeon-Soon Shin