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FIS Payments - Marketing Executive of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: FIS Payments, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Company Description: FIS is a global leader in financial services technology, with a focus on retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, risk and compliance, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Through the depth and breadth of our solutions portfolio, global capabilities and domain expertise, FIS serves more than 20,000 clients in over 130 countries.
Nomination Category: Marketing Organization / Professional Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Executive of the Year

Nomination Title: Richard Cooper, VP of International Marketing Strategy, FIS Payments

Tell the story about what this nominee has achieved since 1 January 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. TEXT REDACTED FOR PUBLICATION

FIS’ Vice President of International Marketing Strategy Richard Cooper has been with FIS for more than seven years. He is responsible for defining and executing FIS’ marketing strategy in FIS Payments’ 110+ markets outside of North America. Over the last year and a half, Cooper has been involved in numerous operations to meet and exceed global marketing expectations.

To better understand the global market he’s charged with, Richard has designed and implemented a worldwide team structure to facilitate our global field marketing initiatives. Global field marketing is the process of taking an international organization and making it relevant on a local scale. Richard believes in the core of field marketing -- being strategic, but also having the capabilities to deliver flawlessly at a regional level against a cohesive strategy. To execute these practices, Richard also created an inaugural campaign plan, led the execution of the campaign and delivered exceptional qualified sales leads in the first half of 2017.

Going hand in hand with his international efforts, Richard also created FIS Connect, an international conference catered toward non-US clients. In 2011, Richard ran the first conference in Dubai. The conference lasted three days and was tailored specifically to the needs and interests of international clients. Since then the conference has grown every year and in its current state includes industry thought leadership, guest keynote speakers, client case studies, nearly 50 specialized breakout sessions and eight User Group meetings. In 2016 the conference had approximately 500 people attending, 140+ client institutions represented and 40+ countries present at the event in Rome. In 2017, Richard changed the strategy from one single event to a series of local events around the world. To date, with four of the six local events concluded, the event has welcomed nearly 1,000 registrants.

Another project that Richard has been an essential player in is the annual FIS PACE report. The PACE report empowers financial institutions by helping them understand consumer expectations that can translate into new services and delivery opportunities. As a founding sponsor of the program, Richard has taken part in this project from its genesis in 2015 to its current state. Currently, Richard holds responsibility for identifying the implications of the PACE research data, creating digital assets to accompany the report and leading PACE campaigns outside of North America. He also works with spokespeople, public relations teams as well as training the sales teams in key global markets.

Richard led the FIS Financial Inclusion Lab from inception to its launch in Bengaluru India in February of 2017. The Lab was part of a corporate sustainability initiative and is aimed toward fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through sustainable methods while also addressing societal needs through engagement with key industry and community stakeholders. Overseeing both physical and conceptual aspects of the project, Richard skillfully delegated his team through various elements of the project, including executing a launch plan, creating the lab website and content strategy, launching the campaign – including public relations and media coverage – and developing an ongoing plan for the lab. He also managed to design a product storyboard, create a business case, construct processes for running the lab and built the financial inclusion strategy that supports its presence.

Richard has aided in the collaboration of FIS and partner Trunomi to turn the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into an opportunity for financial institutions to improve customer service. This new solution combines the breadth of FIS’ global banking technology and consultancy with Trunomi’s customer-driven, consent-based data sharing platform. Richard skillfully ran the marketing efforts of the Trunomi-FIS Consent Manager service, developed campaign plans and demonstrated expert understanding of GDPR challenges. Richard was also responsible for the marketing and delivery of associated webinar programs that currently hold record registration numbers and an overwhelming attendance rate of about 1,300.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) accomplishments of the nominee since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

• Organized 2016 FIS Connect conference for 500 attendees from 140+ client institutions and over 40+ countries
• Reinvented FIS Connect conference strategy for 2017 by converting a single event into a series of local events for nearly 1,000 registrants
• Identified the implications of PACE research data, created digital assets to accompany the report and led PACE campaigns outside of North America
• Drove FIS Financial Inclusion Lab from inception to launch in India in February of 2017
• Oversaw physical and conceptual aspects of Inclusion Lab project
• Delegated teams through creating a launch plans, lab website and content strategies, campaign and ongoing plans for the lab
• Ran marketing efforts for Trunomi-FIS Consent Manager service, developed campaign plans and demonstrated understanding of project challenges
• Delivered webinar programs with record registration numbers and attendance rates of about 1,300