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ECi Software Solutions - HR Executive of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: ECi Software Solutions, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Entry Submitted By: Version 2.0 Communications
Company Description: ECi Software Solutions provides industry-specific business software solutions and services, focusing on cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field service organizations. Privately held, ECi has offices throughout the U.S., Canada, England, the Netherlands and Australia.
Nomination Category: Human Resources Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Human Resources Executive of the Year

Nomination Title: Andrew Pryor, Vice President of Human Resources

Tell the story about what this nominee has achieved since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Since joining ECi Software Solutions in 2015 as Vice President of Human Resources, Andrew Pryor has worked to ensure ECi’s 891 global employees are engaged and satisfied by creating an optimal, enjoyable corporate environment. Now serving as Senior Vice President, Andrew manages strategic and tactical HR leadership, as well as organizational development, talent management and talent acquisition across ECi’s 18 offices spanning the U.S., England, the Netherlands and Australia. In 2017, he guided employees through four mergers and acquisitions, a new benefits package and elevated how employees recognize one another.

Since March 2017, ECi sold the Naverisk business but acquired MarkSystems, Exact U.S., and PrintFleet, resulting in a 50 percent headcount growth. Throughout four merger and acquisition projects, Andrew prioritized employees and ensured everyone had access to the proper resources and benefits. Andrew spearheaded decisions regarding MarkSystems healthcare programs, job titles, employee policies, as well as how to best integrate new employees into the culture he had been developing since joining ECi. He’s done the same following the Exact U.S. acquisition, which had a much shorter timeframe—230 employees were added to ECi in 60 days. When ECi sold Naverisk, Andrew traveled to meet with each laid-off U.S. employee to share a list of open positions and encourage they reapply within other ECi business units. Further proving his dedication to ECi employees, Andrew offered resumé help, and was able to assist in rehiring 75 percent of the impacted U.S. staff.

Following the extensive mergers, acquisitions and corporate changes that occurred throughout 2017, Andrew has worked to implement and maintain a strong company culture that includes all ECi employees worldwide. As part of that effort, Andrew implemented the Achievers’ HIGH5 program, allowing employees to recognize and empower each other via a points system. Now in its third year, 91 percent of ECi employees are active users, regularly praising one another. ECi’s outstanding engagement rate in 2017 led to Achievers recognizing ECi as one of the 50 Most Engaged Companies for the second year running.

In addition to promoting the success of ECi employees, Andrew also established a weekly Employee Engagement Survey to help ECi leadership regularly gauge employee satisfaction. The survey asks one question: how do you feel about your work today? In 2017, ECi ended the year with an 88.1 percent favorable rating from employee responses, leading to the company’s certification as a 2017 Great Place to Work®.

Looking after his employees continues to be a top priority for Andrew; in 2017, he led changes in ECi’s healthcare benefits by switching healthcare brokers and introducing a healthcare savings account, which led to 97 percent of employees saving money. Through savings in healthcare benefits, ECi was able to fund a stronger match to employee 401(k) contributions, totaling $503,563 in 2017.

Following these benefit changes, Andrew emphasized the importance of ensuring employees know what their benefits are doing for them. He helped develop a “White Board Understanding Your Benefits” video, available to employees and their dependents answering basic benefits questions. The “White Board Understanding Your Benefits” video won a Gold Award at the AVA Digital Awards and Hermes Creative Awards in 2018. Additionally, Andrew began biweekly “Benefits in a Minute” newsletters, reminding employees of ECi’s benefits options. The “Benefits in a Minute” newsletters received an Honorable Mention from the AVA Digital Awards and Hermes Creative Awards in 2018.

Andrew’s commitment to ECi and its employees is unmatched. His “open-door” policy, empathy and understanding of what it takes to make a company and its employees excel has created an award-winning work environment at ECi—despite employees being located across the globe. Andrew’s passion for corporate culture, HR and bettering the lives of his coworkers is made evident daily and is a key factor in ECi’s overall company success and growth in the last few years.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) accomplishments of the nominee since the beginning of 2017 (up to 150 words).

  1. Championed ECi’s Reward and Recognition Program, HIGH5, which led to employees being recognized 42,000 times during 2017
  2. Led employees through four mergers and acquisitions, resulting in a 50 percent growth in headcount
  3. Kickstarted company-wide benefits, including new healthcare plans and increased 401(k) matching
  4. Achieved an 88.1 percent favorable employee rating on ECi’s weekly Employee Engagement Survey
  5. Led ECi to be a certified Great Place to Work® and on Achievers 50 Most Engaged Companies list
  6. Introduced personal branding, having employees ask themselves “is that a belief you want people to hold about you?”
  7. Worked with Partners in Leadership to implement worldwide employee Accountability Training
  8. Facilitated new employee and manager training, resulting in merit increases for 328 employees
  9. Implemented a new, creative way to communicate company benefits to employees, resulting in ECi being recognized by the AVA Digital Awards and Hermes Creative Awards