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DHL Express Qatar - Customer Service Team of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: DHL Express Qatar, Doha
Company Description: DHL Express started its operations in Qatar in the year 1979 and was the first express logistics company in the country. This year DHL Express Qatar will be celebrating 38th years meeting the logistics needs of the people & Business. DHL Qatar is fully equipped with a fleet of over 52 vehicles and more than 240 staff including 30 well trained Customer Service staff
Nomination Category: Customer Service Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Team of the Year

Nomination Title: DHL Express Qatar - Customer Service Team

Tell the story about what this nominated team has achieved since 1 January 2016 year (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Our team is extremely committed to our company strategy being Employer, Provider and Investment of Choice. We have a strong focus on quality and drive an Insanely Customer Centric Culture (ICCC) as our key differentiators in business competition. We have got unique and fully trained people in our team to deliver Best Day Every Day!

1) Great Service Quality

DHL Qatar CS has demonstrated the highest level of competency in managing its operations by balancing service, Processes, quality and cost. Setting and striving for realistic goals, consistently meeting performance requirements thereby exceeding customers’ expectations. DHL Qatar is certified as Center of Excellence by Global CS.

As an impressive testament of living and breathing global ICCC, Qatar CS have participated external award competitions organized by professional institutions, and won 2016 Silver Stevie award for CS Manager of the year and Bronze Stevie award for CS Department of the year

The Customer Service has performance indicators at the global and regional level, which we remain, focused to achieve every day, with the aim of providing the best quality customer service. All our indicators have them above the estimated target where our year to date results as follows:

-Grade of Service: 92.5% (target 90/10)
-ACR: 0.2% (Target <1%)
-Trace Resolution: 92.5% (target 70%)
-Complaints Resolution: 100% (target 75%)
-Claims Resolution: 100% (target 80%)
-Call Quality Score: 96.5% (Target 90%)
-Trace Quality Score 99.3% (Target 90%)

2) Motivated People

People are our key successful contributor in maintaining great service quality every day to ensure willingness to drive excellence. We do have employee motivational and recognition scheme such as ‘Star of the Month’ award within the department and ‘Employee of the Month / Year’ to ensure people strive to deliver their best day every day with a great passion.

To ensure staff having Best Day Every Day at work, supervisors spend more than 50% of their time on coaching. Quality evaluations are done in remote and side by side with regular feedback sessions. We conduct daily performance dialog sessions where we gather the team for 10 minutes and review our performance, listen to staff concerns and have face to face interaction with supervisors which help in engaging and involving the team members to deliver great quality of service. We also drive the culture of taking ownership and continuous improvement mindset in an open and trustful atmosphere.

All of the above, along with quarterly team building activities and International CS Week Event, contributed to 2016 CS Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) results with Employee Engagement rated as 92% (Group average of 75%) which is the highest score amongst all Departments in DHL .These indicators are extremely important for measuring the pulse rate of our employee satisfaction. EOS follow-up actions are followed up and closed at both company and function levels.

3) Loyal Customer

To live with ICCC, we focus on Net Promoter Approach, Post Customer Interaction Survey to get customer feedback and monthly cross-functional meetings for continual improvement of service quality for a greater growth. We also run quarterly ICCC Tracker where we run market survey through an external agency (Likehood to repurchase, Likehood to Recommend, Caring About Customers, Listening to Customer Needs & Strength of Relationship). In 2016 DHL is 10% ahead of the completion in each element.

Aligning with ICCC and DHL commitment to listen to the voice of customers, Straight-To-The-Top (STTT) is open in our website where customers can send complaints directly to DHL Top Management where we resolve 90% of those issues within 1 day.

We do measure CS Advisors interactions with customers in terms of Knowledge, Politeness and Helpfulness through internal call quality assessment with a target of 90%.

4) Profitable Network

Our Customer Service Team generated extra revenue of 183,402 Euros in 2016 through cross selling. Upselling improved by +40% vs country target in 2016 and 18.7% in 2016. Qatar won best revenue generation awardin2016.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) accomplishments of the nominated team since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

-On 22 Jan 2016 : Received Global Customer Service Award (MENA Region) for 2015
-On 16 Jan 2017 : Received Global Customer Service Award (MENA Region) for 2016
-On 7 March 2016 : Bronze Stevie Awards for Customer Service Department of the Year
-On 7 March 2016 : Silver Stevie Awards for Customer Service Manager of the Year
-2016 Continuous Improvement Award MENA (Revenue generation category) won by Qatar Customer Service team for Sales Lead Generation Initiative.
-Employee Opinion Survey 2016 : Active Leadership 83% vs. group average of 74%
-Employee Opinion Survey 2016 : Employee Engagement 92% vs. group average of 75%
-Overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) improved in 2016 by 20% vs. 2015
-DHL Qatar scored 83% vs. 73% by competitors for overall ICCC Index in 2016
-Up-Selling improved by 40% in 2016

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