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DHL Express Egypt - Human Resources Department of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: DHL Express Egypt
Company Description: DHL is present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, making it the most international company in the world. With a workforce exceeding 340,000 employees, we provide solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs.
Nomination Category: Human Resources Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Human Resources Department of the Year

Nomination Title: DHL Express Egypt HR

Tell the story about what this nominated organization/department has achieved since 1 January 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

In DHL Express, having motivated people are our first pillar in DHL Focus strategy. Keeping this in our minds as HR and management team in whatever we do helped us in achieve better results in all KPIs related to employees.

To make sure that DHL express follows global standards, we use Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) to measure our employees’ satisfaction and to know the areas of development for a better working environment. EOS measures 13 KPIs while the main three pillars are Active Leadership, Employee Engagement and Communication. As 2016 results, the results had improved in all pillars according to the graph below. Egypt achieved +6 % more vs 2015 as overall and Egypt results were from the top results across MENA region.

Employee engagement is very critical for the organization success as it builds the main working environment and helps employees to perform better while having healthy environment. We are always keen to have several activities throughout the year like “Family day” event, “Kids in the office”, Ramadan Ifetar gathering, “As One” event and “Health month”. All the activities are entertainment and sports based to encourage networking and healthy environment between the employees. Also to ensure that we are doing successful activities that satisfy our employees, we started to launch a satisfaction survey after each activity to measure its success. For example, after the Family day event; whereby we invited all employees with their families to Kidzania, we sent the satisfaction survey and we got around 90% of the employees were very satisfied from the event and they wanted it to be repeated. Another initiative that we did was the “Kids in the office”, where we invited employees to invite their kids to spend the day in the office, shadowing their parents while doing their jobs and have a tour in the operations department to see how the yellow machine works. We got 100% satisfaction from employees on that event to the extent we did it twice during 6 months. All the above enhanced our employee engagement KPI to + by 7 % vs last year. Employee engagement is accentuated with the increase of corporate social responsibility activities. Two important partnerships fostering “Go HELP” and increasing employee engagement are our partnership with Egyptian Food Bank, Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run (MFTR) association and other NGOs

Another engaging CSR activity, is the toys’ packing with MFTR association. MFTR collects unwanted toys and then distributes them to underprivileged children with the mission of delivering the right of happiness to all kids. The employees were part of the “Delivering smiles” activity; they wrapped toys as gifts that got sent to kids and orphans across Egypt. As part of Go teach pillar, we organize orphans trips with the volunteer employees to spend a day at Kidzania with orphans

Communication played an important role to communicate our future plans and strategy. we contioued in helding town halls on quarterly bases, quarterly middle management meetings, and monthly departmental meetings. Doing visits in different locations on quarterly basis helped us as well in having open communication channels and transferring the company’s strategy and direction.

From learning & development, CIM supervisory module was launched. CIM Supervisory module is an 18-24 Month program. Managers of the supervisors will be registered for the manager coach program, and from here the manager can access support materials and and information to ensure their supervisor successfully completes all requirements. Beside the above, we introduced the job shadowing program. The job shadowing program was used as motivational tool to develop, retain our employees and build second line for the critical positions. Those development activities increased our score by 5%.

Without the HR Team and the belief of the important role of that team we as DHL Express Egypt would not have improved in all KPIs’. That is why Egypt HR Team won the “Best HR in Class” award across MENA region.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) accomplishments of the nominated department since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

-Improvement in 13 KPIs’ in EOS
-Won “HR Best in Class” award across MENA
-Able to do employee activity per month to increase employee engagement and measure the success of the activity
-New and different activities in CSR front
-Introducing Supervisory Module and Job shadowing program
-Maintaining work life balance through continuing to support employees in summer camps.
-Enhancing medical services