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CallidusCloud - LeadRocket

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: CallidusCloud, Dublin, CA, USA
Company Description: CallidusCloud is the global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing and learning solutions. CallidusCloud enables organizations to accelerate and maximize their lead to money process with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate configure price quote, and streamline sales compensation.
Nomination Category: Products & Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Lead Generation Solution

Nomination Title: LeadRocket: A marketing solution that sales can use, too

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CallidusCloud’s LeadRocket was an important contributor to CallidusCloud’s successful 2016, which saw:

Addition of 1,000 new customers

31 percent SaaS growth and profitability despite low marketing and sales spend relative to peers

Multiple awards and inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management for the fourth consecutive year.

CallidusCloud Leadrocket outperforms other solutions by making it easy for marketing to generate leads and for sales teams to nurture customers. Designed as a tool for both sales and marketing users, the platform delivers a complete prospect background when marketing hands a lead off to sales, allowing sales to gain unmatched insights into their leads.

Leadrocket allows marketers to align, automate and accelerate marketing processes. With this integrated marketing automation tool, businesses can:

-Align sales and marketing goals and enable sales and marketing team collaboration
-Attract customers and generate more leads using SEO and social campaigns
-Identify qualified leads and cultivate opportunities
-Increase deal sizes and win rates while decreasing the length of the sales cycle
-Fully understand the customer experience at every stage of the sales journey
-Discover the identities of anonymous website visitors
-Measure marketing ROI with precision and improve marketing effectiveness

These capabilities make Leadrocket the choice of organizations like HCL Technologies, which boosted revenue from $700 million to $4 billion in seven years after deploying it. HCL generates. 250,000 more leads year over year since deploying Leadrocket. The Center for Professional Education (CPE), the leader in continuing professional education, chose Leadrocket because it provides a complete view of marketing performance across inbound and outbound channels, accelerating CPE's marketing efforts while reducing costs.

The addition of Clicktools, a leading cloud enterprise B2B survey provider, enhances Leadrocket’s capabilities, providing a way to gain customer insights at every stage in the selling process. CallidusCloud customers gain unprecedented clarity on customer needs and create more efficient, effective campaigns.

Unique among marketing automation solutions, CallidusCloud’s platform serves both the marketing and sales teams, giving salespeople a simple way to identify new cross-sell and upsell opportunities and an easy way to shrink the sales cycle and turn leads into money more quickly. With comprehensive visibility into lead intelligence and history, CallidusCloud’s Leadrocket gives sales professionals complete visibility, delivering real-time data to create stronger results for sales and marketing.

CallidusCloud’s marketing automation solution makes it possible for companies to use a single platform to manage and automate all of their marketing campaigns while reducing dependence on IT support and design teams. But best of all, the marketing automation platform enables both marketing and sales teams to gain analytical insight from marketing and lead generation efforts, which in turn underscores the teams’ value and efficiency companywide.

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-Contributed to company’s strong growth with total revenue of $206.7 million for the full fiscal year, an increase of 19 percent
-Was a factor in adding 1,000 new customers in 2015, including SAP, HP, Telefonica Germany, AT&T Mexico, Vodafone Germany, Hawaiian Telecom, Telstra, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Hilton, Alcoa, Tata Motors, U.S. Foods, Henry Schein, Splunk, 3G Xerox, Rackspace, Mimecast, GlassDoor, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona, VoYa Financial Advisors, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.
-31 percent SaaS growth and profitability powered by low marketing and sales spend relative to peers, driven by the use of its own technology
-Multiple awards and inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management for fourth consecutive year