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Baedal Minjok, Seoul, South Korea - Branded Entertainment Video

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company:Baedal Minjok
Entry Submitted By: KCU
Company Description: Baedal Minjeok is a Seoul-based restaurant delivery.
Nomination Category:Video Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Branded Entertainment

Nomination Title: Adventure of Baedal Minjok – Delivery of the restaurant food

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: Released 2018

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

Evolution of delivery app. Baemin 2.0

Baedal minjok launched a new campaign mainly because of their app update. It was an attempt to change people’s perceptions of associating delivery food only in limited circumstances, such as associating chicken delivery with soccer games. So we integrated the ‘Baemin app’ with ‘Baemin riders app’ and broke barriers between delivery food and restaurant food.

Evolution of campaign, Baedal Jr. 2.0

Innovative idea was desperately needed to evoke ‘Baemin Syndrome’ and change the delivery culture while announcing the update of Baemin 2.0 app.

The idea was bringing the character to life. We decided to animate the story of Baedal Jr. who developed a new delivery service after his family. We created a stop motion film by moving the miniature cut by cut to express the soap texture effectively.

Choosing the appropriate voice actor for Baedal Jr was as important as the stop motion process. Our final selection was ‘Ahn Jae-hong’ who played the role of ‘Jeong-bong’ in ‘Reply 1988’. His voice was widely recognized by the public and this helped the campaign spread virally.


Accumulated numbers of downloads: 32millionà34.6million

Number of visitors(UV) 5.88millionà6.59million

Number of orders: 17.3millionà18.6million

Provide the applicable creative and production credits for this nomination:

  3. Huh Soo Jin, CW HS Ad
  4. You Jee Young, CW HS Ad
  5. Lee Sol, CW HS Ad
  6. Jung Kil Hong, AD HS Ad
  7. Lee Dong Seok, AD HS Ad
  8. Kim Ji Won, AD HS Ad
  9. Kim Eunseon, AD HS Ad
  10. Son Young Jun, AE HS Ad
  11. Bae SangHyun, AE HS Ad
  12. Song Ji Hoon, AE HS Ad
  13. John S.Park, Director Addictfilms
  14. Nam Hyung Kim, Producer Addictfilms
  15. Sung An You, Assistant director, Addictfilms
  16. Sung Ho Jeoun, D.O.P freelancer
  17. Sang Ho Hong,D.O.P freelancer
  18. Hong Su Kim Gaffer Light On
  19. Nam Kwon Lee, Key Grip, Grip Operatar
  20. Su Yeon Tae, Production designer Arte
  21. Sae Won, Oh Editor Fireworkspost
  22. Ho Suk Jan,g VFX Supervisor Locus
  23. Sang Hoon Jung, 2D Supervisor Locus
  24. Jong Pyo Yang, Stop-motion director Comma Studio
  25. Il Ho Jeon, Recording supervisor Gorilla Sound
  26. Ban Seok Lee, Music director Gorilla Sound
  27. Hee Kyoung Lee, SFX supervisor Demolition
  28. Dae Ho Jung, SFX supervisor KMFX special effects