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Anacle Systems Limited - Energy Industry Innovation of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Anacle Systems Limited, Singapore
Company Description: Established in 2006 and based in Singapore, Anacle Systems provide enterprise application software and energy management system to a strong and diversified customer and end-user base across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Qatar, UAE and other Asian countries. Through technological innovations, we have been introducing products with a mission to empower enterprises to improve their business efficiency
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Energy Industry Innovation of the Year

Nomination Title: Anacle Reinvents Smart Metering and Energy Management with Tesseract

Tell the story about this nominated innovation since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Describe how the innovation was discovered, developed, refined and/or deployed. Provide an assessment of how the innovation has impacted or will impact your organization, your industry, markets or society.

he Tesseract is Anacle’s innovation in its smart energy management solution offerings, a breakthrough smart meter which obviates the need for complicated setup of devices such as sustainability sensors and network communicators in typical energy management solutions. Complemented with the Starlight® energy management software, the Tesseract goes beyond measuring and analysing utility consumption, it offers proactive controls such as demand response control and load management, allowing users to manage their energy consumption efficiently.

Quantum leaps ahead of its peers in the market, the Tesseract has 40 times more processing power than the most powerful smart meters available, allowing the Tesseract to perform edge computing, overcoming the challenge of data choke faced by multiple industries. With the ability to compute and analyse on site, coupled with a massive 10GB in-device storage encryption capabilities, meaningful information can be easily and timely accessed by building managers, allowing for proactive control and timely measures (as compared to reactive actions) for effective energy management.

The Tesseract is named after a four-dimensional cube, representing a device that opens a world of opportunities. In a built environment where equipment and infrastructure are built to last for decades, innovation is at snail’s pace. Likewise it is the same for energy management industry. Yet energy management is one of the most pressing problem faced globally, be it the operating expenses faced by building owners/ tenants, carbon goals set out by international agencies faced by industries or the very real problem of sustainability faced by everyone.

Alex Lau, CEO of Anacle Systems, is of the opinion if energy conservation can be considered as a source of energy, it could well be the next largest source, besides fossil fuel. In addition, while it was easy to build green buildings, old buildings are run without smart technology to manage energy consumption. As a country develops, the rate of new buildings being built slows down as well, meaning there is a need to develop energy management solution to retrofit old buildings. And this is the key driver for Anacle Systems innovation and R&D in energy management solutions.

Can we have a truly smart meter that does more than just measuring energy consumption? Why not. And Anacle created the Tesseract a truly smart meter which has limitless possibilities and applications:

-First industrial sensor to have 64bit computing power and 10GB in-device storage encryption, vastly surpassing the industry average.
-First EMC-safe capacitive touchscreen for unparalleled user experience and interface.
-First device to adopt an app eco-system architecture enabling expansion of Tesseract’s capabilities through installation of on-demand management apps.
-Advanced integrated circuit provides impressive class 0.2s accuracy through incredible sampling rate and temperature compensated Real Time Clock (RTC).
-Multiple input output ports capture information from other servers and control multiple external equipment.
-Communications protocol agnostic.


Early fault detection: Notification is triggered when energy consumption anomaly is detected, allowing facility managers to take pre-emptive actions such as scheduling maintenance, allowing for cost savings through early intervention. Disruption to operations can be minimized if not totally avoided.

Demand response and interruptible load programs: Tesseract can interrupt secondary loads (turn off non-critical equipment) or stagger the switching on non- critical equipment to prevent energy consumption from exceeding maximum demand.

Energy disaggregation: Identify energy consumption of individual appliances via electricity fingerprint, allowing identification malfunctioning equipment.

Tesseract can play a huge role in helping smart cities achieves its goals such as through ensuring optimal performance of public infrastructure (e.g. street lighting), helping local government achieve carbon goals. Tesseract can be a solution for many industries as well. E.g. Social workers may be alerted of potential emergency situation if no one turns on the light in a home where lone senior resident lives.

Currently Anacle is in discussion to deploy Tesseract in towns and smart grids, with potential deployment in upcoming residential projects.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) chief characteristics or benefits of the nominated innovation.

-Powerful computing power and massive memory capacity allows it to perform edge computing, overcoming the challenge of data choke faced by the energy industry (or in fact any data-related industries)
-Impressive class 0.2s accuracy, sampling rate of 10,000 samples per second
-Communication protocol agnostic
-Future proof with its advanced hardware andapp eco-system architecture,enabling it to adapt to the needs of times or policies through installing of on-demand energy management apps
-Tailored for micro-smart grids and renewable energy sources; the Tesseract is capable of measuring power generated and supplied in both directions, enabling participation in demand response, interruptible load programs with its control capabilities and renewable energy integration
-one device infinite possibilities
-Energy disaggregation
-Early fault detection
-Peak shaving and demand response, interruptible load programs
-12 I/O ports allows for extensible flexibility