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Ajans Digital -

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Ajans Digital, Istanbul, Turkey
Entry Submitted By: Chiesi
Company Description: Ajans Digital was founded in 2013. In a short time span, it was among the most renown local healthcare agencies in Turkey. Although based in Istanbul; it consists of 13 talents from all around the world, each with more than 10 years of experience in their fields. The agency provides healthcare communication and strategy services both in digital, social and conventional medias.
Nomination Category: Mobile Site & App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Health

Nomination Title: Ajans Digital 2018 Turkish Neonatology Association (TNA) Mobile Application

Date this app was first released: TND is a mobile application designed as an aid tool to ease the life of newborn unit physicians and pediatricians. Only physicians can access the app with a password.

We developed it together with Turkish Neonatology Association and with the sponsorship of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals. It is standing out by being the first in its field and meeting the unmet needs of newborn unit doctors.

What does it consist of? There are three main titles in the app:

1- Diagnose, Treatment and Flow Charts
2- Calculations
3- Drug Applications

All the contents and calculations included into this app are meant to ease the work of all healthcare professionals and especially newborn unit doctors. The users will be able to combine their experience with the information and calculations they gather from the app and then reach to practical conclusions.

At the “TNA Protocols” section under the “Diagnose, Treatment and Flow Charts” title; the users will be able to reach to the important protocols and summaries, which exist at the Turkish Neonatology Association. They will also have access to the TNA website for more comprehensive content.

At the “Control Lists” section under Diagnose, Treatment and Flow Charts title; they will be able to make the control of the materials and specifications necessary for the patient’s treatment or transplant -without using the baby’s personal information- and by using only this app. The app is also capable of emailing all relevant information to the doctors using the app.

At the Calculations section of the app; the users will be able to reach to TPN calculations.

Without using the personal information of the baby, it will be possible to easily determine the dosage, solutions, and usage amounts by only gathering various data. And finally the doctors can reach to a conclusion combining these results with their personal experiences.

The app is also capable of emailing the results to the doctors using the app.

At the Drug Applications section of the app; the users will be able to reach to a wide range of drug list from their choice of drug type depending on their treatment. They can also have access to important information about the drug type they choose such as the dosage or usage intervals. When combined with doctors’ personal experiences, these calculation results will be a great help to doctors during their treatments.

Extraordinary results… As the physicians are working so hard and that every second counts, an app like this is a great aid to save them time and help them access easily to information and tools they need. Although the KPI was 350 physicians in the beginning, this target has been exceeded and for the moment, the current number of physicians who downloaded the app is 1312, which 500 of them are neonatologists and the rest are pediatricians. In only one month 5320 entries have been done in Diagnose and Treatment section, 4170 times in Calculations sector and 5050 times in Drug Applications sector. This is an obvious indicator of the continuation of its success in the coming days…

Briefly describe this mobile site or app’s objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 200 words). If applicable, include here the platforms your app supports:

-TND is a mobile application designed as an aid tool for newborn unit physicians and pediatricians, restricted to only physicians’ use.
-It is the first in its field.
-Chiesi Pharmaceuticals sponsored the project and it is developed together with Turkish Neonatology Association.
-It has three main titles: 1- Diagnose, Treatment and Flow Charts; 2- Calculations; 3- Drug Applications
-It helps to save time and energy.
-The KPI was 350 physicians. However real numbers tripled that and so far 1312 physicians downloaded the app.