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King & Mayr GmbH - iiiPayS Auto

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 German Business Awards

Company: King & Mayr GmbH & Co.KG, Düsseldorf, NRW
Company Description: King & Mayr specializes in providing ongoing destination services, administratve assistance and continuous expat support for international assignees and their accompanying families living and working in Germany. Considered the Go-To Company for it ALL ... Arriving - Living - Leaving, we handle everyday matters from start to finish, offering peace of mind and reassurance throughout an assignment.
Nomination Category: Kategorie für Neue Produkte und Produktmanagement Awards
Nomination Sub Category: Bestes neues Produkt oder Dienstleistung - Dienstleistungen für Privatpersonen

Nomination Title: King & Mayr - iiiPayS Auto - Expat Vehicle Leasing & Concierge Program

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Here at King & Mayr we specialize in providing continuous expat support and ongoing destination services for those various aspects that come with living and working in Germany. We have created an award-winning service and support system leading to the industry experts stating that our service concept will redefine destination services within the Industry.

This year, we want to introduce our newly launched iiiPayS Auto program to our innovative service portfolio which solves yet another key problem international assignees in Germany have been facing. Up until now, it has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, for them to lease or finance a vehicle in Germany.

If you are unfamiliar with international assignments, you may not appreciate the significance of this solution, but imagine this. You have just arrived in Germany, having never worked or lived here before. You don’t speak German. You have a very well paid job with benefits including a housing allowance. You’re unable to get a company leased vehicle, so your company has also given you a vehicle allowance. You go to your nearest vehicle dealership and ask for a personal lease. You choose a nice car and submit a leasing application. It’s rejected by the bank. The reason - you have no credit history in Germany, you have no German payslips or other documentation that would support your application. The salesman gives you the cold shoulder and tells you he can’t help. Your only option is to either rent or buy a car in cash. But you want a nice car, not just any affordable used car that makes do. Renting a vehicle monthly is very expensive and in most cases, can only be done for a limited time.

iiiPayS Auto eliminates the scenario above. Together with our network partners who stand behind this program, international assignees now have access to vehicle leasing in Germany at competitive rates without the need of a local credit history, vehicle down payment or even German payslip.

What makes iiiPayS Auto unique is its one-stop-shop mentality and the peace of mind everyone receives from it. It is based on a concierge service concept, providing personal contact, bilingual client/provider support and administrative assistance for all vehicle needs. iiiPayS Auto simplifies and manages everything from payments, vehicle registration, maintenance and more, throughout the duration of the lease, making it convenient and worry-free. For all providers involved such as banks, vehicle insurance, municipalities (road tax/traffic violations) and maintenance, they have a German point of contact for all their correspondence and even payments, creating a WIN-WIN for everyone.

As you will read in our supporting material, iiiPayS Auto has an innovative bill pay escrow system, so clients can make use of our international bank accounts for their monthly lease payments, insurance premiums and other vehicle related obligations.

With the upcoming Brexit and large number of international companies having German subsidiaries, we believe that iiiPayS Auto currently offers the only solution. We hope that our entry meets with your strict criteria and that you see the real value of this innovative service. That it really does make a difference and encourages international talent to feel welcome in Germany.