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co.don AG - Unternehmen des Jahres

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Company: co.don AG, Teltow, Brandenburg, German
Company Description: Co Don AG is a Germany-based company that is active in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industry. The Company manufactures cell-based biological drugs for the use in orthopedic and neurosurgical applications. Its products are used for the treatment of focal particular cartilage defects, lumbar disc herniation, non-union fractures and dental disorders.
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Nomination Title: co.don AG

Beschreiben Sie der Jury die Aktivitäten und Leistungen der nominierten Organisation seit Anfang Juli 2015 (in bis zu 525 Wörtern):

New era for cartilage repair

co.don AG develops, produces and markets autologous cell therapies for minimally invasive repair of cartilage damage to joints after traumatic or degenerative defects.

co.don is the only supplier to rely exclusively on the body's own cells, and is one of the few German biotechnology companies that have successfully launched a product on the market

co.don’s main product, co.don condrosphere®, is a cell therapy product for minimally invasive treatment of cartilage damage to joints with exclusively corporeal cartilage cells. co.don uses an innovative process known as "tissue engineering" and cultivates cartilage, which is implanted in the damaged joints with a minimally invasive procedure.

co.don chondrosphere® has a German approval and recently competed two clinical studies with the aim of EU-wide approval. In December 2016, co.don submitted the documents for EU marketing authorization to the European Medicines Agency. The EMA will scientifically evaluate the submitted dossier and give the European Commission a recommendation on product licensing, by Autumn 2017. In Germany, co.don has been selling the product since 2007 with insurer funding. It has been used in over 10,000 patients in over 120 clinics.

In July 2015 Dirk Hessel was appointed as the new Chairman of the Management Board to promote the internationalization of the company. The market potential is considerable, as experts for the European Union expect an annual volume of 1.2 billion euros. 20% of the multibillion dollar knee and hip implant market could be addressed with co.don’s regenerative treatment.

Hessel expects the first sales in other European countries in 2018

Upon application with the EMA, Dirk Hessel said: " A decisive milestone on the road to the strategically most important goal of co.don AG - the EU-wide market approval for our main product - has been achieved, we are successful in Germany: our product represents the highest level of personalized medicine, and we clearly position ourselves to achieve the German market leadership in regenerative arthrosis prophylaxis….we are firmly committed to the internationalization of the company from autumn 2017 onwards”

In May 2016 co.don formed a Scientific Advisory Board with specialists from the fields of orthopedics, sports traumatology and accident and cartilage surgery.

"We have doubled the field service," Hessel, “building its network, approaching medical opinion leaders in Europe and training potential users.

co.don also expanded distribution, improving the production technology and developing a standardised pan-European logistics management system

co.don also won a new minority shareholder in Bauerfeind AG, a leader with many years of international experience in the field of orthopedics. Co.don will use the additional funding to continue the dynamic growth trend in connection with the expected European market entry.

The company is also open to a strategic partnership for entry into the US and non EU-countries.

“On behalf of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board I would like to thank all the employees of co.don AG who every day with great dedication help to drive our common vision: joint preservation before joint replacement." Hessel