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adjust GmbH - Team des Jahres im Bereich Produktentwicklung/Produktmanagement

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 German Business Awards

Company: adjust GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Company Description: Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the most comprehensive and reliable analytics and attribution solutions for companies worldwide. With Adjust’s open source SDK, app developers can track and analyze user acquisition, feature releases, user lifetime cohorts and more. Adjust provides streamlined reporting for understandable, actionable and comparable metrics.
Nomination Category: Kategorie für Neue Produkte und Produktmanagement Awards
Nomination Sub Category: Abteilung oder Team des Jahres im Bereich Produktentwicklung/Produktmanagement

Nomination Title: adjust Founding Team

Beschreiben Sie der Jury die Aktivitäten und Leistungen der nominierten Abteilung oder Teams seit Anfang Juli 2015 (in bis zu 525 Wörtern):

Founded in Berlin in 2012, adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company that provides app marketers with a comprehensive business intelligence platform. adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews. Attribution enables mobile app marketers to identify where a user came from and when they installed the app. In the analytics department, adjust offers cohort analysis in addition to deliverable analytics that count sales, events, sessions, installs and clicks. Marketers can group users together by common criteria, such as the install time. KPIs can then be normalized over the lifetime of the user. Additional product features include: app store statistics like global rankings displayed in the dashboard, deep-linking fallback and reattribution for re-engagement campaigns.

Since it’s open source, there are no black boxes, no hidden functionality.

Five years ago, CEO Christian Henschel and his two co-founders Senior Developer , Manuel Kniep, and CTO, Paul H. Müller were smart enough amid the smartphone boom to identify a market niche, user data from apps. With its own technology, adjust compiles and analyzes monthly data according to more than two petabytes (2000 terabytes) of data from approximately 22,000 apps to more than 1.8 billion mobile devices. Confidently, the company communicates that it can be found on every second smartphone in the world.
Christian is involved in all aspects of business oversight and development (apart from the technical side). Paul in charge of building and scaling adjust’s technologies. Manuel works on the development platform, maintains the database and finely tunes performance and analytics.

adjust is trusted by clients across Asia, the EU and the Americas: including leading, brand, app. Media, and IT companies. Clients also include the world’s largest advertising and media agencies. adjust supports clients on the ground from each global office with fully localized solutions in multiple languages. Adjust is the only mobile analytics company to meet stringent EU privacy compliance standard.

adjust is a Facebook Marketing Partner and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, and dynamic adjust integrations is in use by over 700 networks and analytics providers worldwide. The company has been in expansive mode recently, hiring staff and opening offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney in addition to offices in Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Sao Paulo and London.

With the growing interest, Adjust grows faster and faster. Already in the fourth year the company earned 3,5 million euro profit - three times as much as the year before. 145 employees now work at a total of 13 locations worldwide. In 2016, they added 80 new people, and 70 additional persons will be added this year. In 2016, Adjust tripled its workforce in the US.

Adjust also received new funding and will use the capital to accelerate its product expansion, and further develop its ability to filter out fraudulent traffic, and support user-friendly advertising practices and privacy protection in mobile marketing.

"We have now reached a critical scale where as a market leader within the ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to drive both product innovation as well as industry standards,"CEO Christian Henschel”