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Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service


Company: Zyme, Redwood City, CA
Entry Submitted By: Boca Communications
Company Description: Zyme is the global leader in the emerging channel data management space, empowering the New Smart Channel™, a proven approach to creating visibility to actionable knowledge that manufacturers need to accelerate partner sales and optimize marketing program ROI. Zyme's flexible, cloud-based offerings facilitate enterprise-grade decisions by responding to real-time, granular channel intelligence.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Categories - Software
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Cloud Platform

Nomination Title: Zyme Cloud Platform 3.0

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and performance to date:

The zyme cloud platform 3.0 is designed for companies selling through the channel. These companies sell their products through channel partners, including retailers, e-tailers, resellers and distributors — indirect sales. As a result of relying on indirect sales channels, companies lose touch with their end customer. Without direct access to end customers, companies are forced to make business decisions blindly. This lack of visibility can amount to losses of up to $50 billion annually for technology and industrial sector companies, often due to misallocation of incentive payments and inventory markdowns.

zyme cloud platform 3.0 offers complete channel visibility through a cloud platform that ingests raw partner data, transforms it into decision-grade intelligence using proprietary technologies and rich content libraries, and makes this intelligence actionable through analytics dashboards and seamless integration with customers' business systems.

The platform is a platform with a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based products and value-added services, including:

zymeCDM: zymeCDM is Zyme’s flagship product that forms the base of end-to-end channel data management, including the critical capabilities of data acquisition, validation, enrichment, incisive analytics, and integration into downstream systems. Each of these capabilities are a series of modules for specific use-cases.

zymeIncentives: zymeIncentives is Zyme’s end-to-end incentive management solution based on the decision-grade data provided by zymeCDM platform. Powered by the powerful and highly scalable TruePay engine, zymeIncentives automates the calculation and validation of incentives earned by partners, and further communicates as well as facilitates the disbursement of accrued payouts to channel partners.

zymeEcommerce: zymeEcommerce is an end-to-end e-commerce channel management solution that enables customers to track competitive intelligence as well as pricing compliance from e-tailers. Powered by decision grade data from Zyme’s CDM platform, and Zyme’s proprietary Global Product Directory, the solution enables customers to access pricing trends, visibility into specific product categories, product availability, competitor price moves, and end-user perception. zymeEcommerce solution is available as two modules.

zymeConnect: zymeConnect is Zyme’s integration environment that enables customers and partners to connect to Zyme’s cloud using Zyme-published APIs, extend Zyme’s product applications, or build their own applications that leverage clean, decision-grade data provided by Zyme’s CDM platform. zymeConnect has 2 modules for specific use-cases.

In 2016, Zyme’s platform processed more than $175 billion in channel revenue and more than 1 billion transactions for some of the world’s largest companies. These figures helped the company retain nearly 70 percent of the CDM market. zyme cloud platform 3.0 users benefit in the following ways:

-Incentive payments: zyme cloud platform 3.0 allows users to see if channel partners over claim rebates.
-Excess inventory: The platform intercepts orders from a partner when the inventory is quickly trending toward a peak.
-Price execution: To help users ensure resellers maintain minimum advertised pricing (MAP) on, the platform automatically acts when it sees a 30% daily price variation outside MAP prices.
-Stock outs: The platform identifies and provides an early warning when a particular product will soon be out in a given zip code.
-Logistics: zyme cloud platform 3.0 allows users to expedite shipments into the channel when due to the impending stock outs it identifies.
-Fraud and compliance: When Zyme’s platform sees persistent discrepancies in reported inventory, it will trigger and guide audits.

With the zyme cloud platform 3.0, global enterprises have broader access to on-demand channel data. This data is delivered through a fully scalable, multi-tenant cloud architecture. The platform handles data in any format and any transmission mode (overcoming one of the greatest obstacles to partner reporting), and covers distributors and resellers in more than 150 countries and 15 languages. This also enables n-tier partner visibility across multi-tiered, fragmented emerging markets for channel sales growth. Zyme’s platform features are driven by professionals who have worked in channel sales for more than a decade.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and benefits of the nominated product or service.

-Salesforce compatibility: zymeIncentives offers native solution capabilities within Salesforce CRM environment.
-Internet of Things (IoT) functionality: zymeCDM offers capabilities for real-time tracking of connected devices down to individual serial numbers.
-Data quality: Zyme’s in-line SISO (Sales-In-Sales-Out) validations, rich content directories, and powerful engines enable customers to use clean, validated, enhanced and enriched channel data.
-Visibility to the channel edge: Zyme CDM platform enables companies to have complete visibility to the very edge of their channel, to help manufacturers quickly and accurately process sales credit assignments.
-Easy implementation: Zyme offers a library of APIs so IT teams of customers and partners can integrate trustworthy channel data with other enterprise applications, leading to significant cost savings.
-Unmatched scalability and performance: Zyme’s platform scales to support large global deployments while delivering Big Data capabilities that process millions of transactions in less than 15 minutes with 99.9% solution uptime.