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TOPS Software - Best User Experience

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: TOPS Software, Clearwater, FL
Company Description: TOPS Software helps community association management (CAM) companies save time and effort in managing condominium and homeowners associations. Founded in 1985, TOPS has dedicated over thirty years to providing the CAM industry with technologies that help management companies grow. TOPS products are in use by thousands of organizations to manage millions of homes across the United States.
Nomination Category: Web Site Categories - Specialty
Nomination Sub Category: Best User Experience

Nomination Title: Putting User Experience First with TOPS [ONE]

How often is this site updated? Weekly

Briefly describe this site’s objectives and how it has met those objectives to date (up to 200 words):

TOPS ONE is a disruptive application for the Community Association Management industry, which often rejects modernity and mobile tools. Built to overcome common industry barriers, we focus on providing unprecedented ease of access to our users. The application core is industry-specific accounting functionality built around common CRM tools. Modern web best practices, responsive design, and centralized search-as-navigation are commonplace in many tech-forward industries, and TOPS is the first to bring such a toolset to the CAM industry.

TOPS ONE permits collaborative efforts on interdepartmental workflows while maintaining adherence to policy. Being an accounting application, audit trails provide the breadcrumbs needed to effectively manage money on a large scale and provide office managers the information to train and correct inevitable human error. It also offers a variety of data integrations to other industry players via the TOPS API so that customers can find greater efficiency through a combination of services.

We leave application growth to the users with embedded feedback and support tools. This effectively allows our users to become the architects and designers that build the system they need to run their business. TOPS ONE encapsulates every bit of CAM management provisioning and delivers it straight to the user’s hands.

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UI / UX Design & Development - Aaron Jorgensen
Development - Brandon Bush, Nick Trombetta, Juan Hernandez