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Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR®

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Teletrac Navman, Garden Grove, CA
Entry Submitted By: SHIFT Communications
Company Description: Teletrac Navman offers GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking, electronic logging, communications and analytics that enable companies to monitor, measure and improve operational costs and efficiencies. The company's technology currently tracks more than 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organizations on six continents.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Transportation

Nomination Title: Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR®

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and performance to date.

Over the last 20 years, the fleet management industry has drastically evolved. With increased compliance pressures, impending legislation, rising fuel costs and a growing driver shortage, fleets are facing tougher challenges than ever before. While most modern commercial fleets are equipped with some kind of electronic system that records valuable data, not all are truly listening to that data and using it to improve safety, increase efficiencies and solve real business challenges.

Teletrac Navman recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to analyze a fleet’s data in real-time and developed DIRECTOR – a fleet management platform designed to track assets and collect valuable data for business insights. Launched in July 2016, DIRECTOR is a leap forward in fleet intelligence technology. It’s designed to provide second-by-second information to help carriers fine tune strategies, reduce operational expenses, identify trends that would otherwise go unseen, improve business processes and build a more efficient, connected fleet.

Fleet and Asset Management

Fleet managers are under constant pressure to maximize profitability of their fleets, while protecting their investment. DIRECTOR provides a complete picture of all assets with a dynamic dashboard, offering:

•Mapping insights: Provides full visibility into vehicle/driver locations and activity and offers traffic updates.
•Routing tools: Streamlines vehicle routing, giving dispatchers the ability to easily send and assign routes directly to drivers through the DIRECTOR navigation device—turning those routes into turn-by-turn instructions for drivers.
•Vehicle analytics: Offers real-time alerts for maintenance needs to ensure vehicles are serviced in a timely manner, helping fleet managers protect their investment.


The transportation industry faces complex and varying regulations at both the regional and federal level and failure to comply can result in hefty fines. DIRECTOR offers an automated solution for compliance, removing the potential for human error, reducing costs and improving safety. It puts all compliance requirements in a single platform and provides clear data for managers to base their decisions. Created with the ELD Final Rule in mind, DIRECTOR also helps managers prepare for pending legislation.

Connected Workflow

Operating a fleet of vehicles is a complex process and involves a lot of moving parts. DIRECTOR helps streamline activities and relieve some administrative duties for fleet owners and operators, providing a more integrated and seamless workflow both in the field and in the back office. The platform offers:

•Two-way messaging: Allows users to send instant route requests and job site locations/needs – improving driver response times and customer service. Messages can be sent in several forms: canned messages, form-fill messages, or free-text messages.
•Third-party integrations: Provides an API library to integrate with all types of software, eliminating the need to register and manage vehicles on multiple platforms. Shares information between platforms to support sound, data-based decisions.
•Proactive management: Provides live updates on vehicles use and driver status, including speeding, idling and unauthorized vehicle use – improving safety.

With DIRECTOR, managers can customize reporting, transforming previous paper reporting to an easily captured electronic workflow. Managers can control everything from the platform’s central window pane, creating a seamless experience for all aspects of fleet management and compliance.

Driver Behavior and Safety

DIRECTOR’s signature safety module, called Safety Analytics, scores driver performance based on company priorities and replays unsafe driving events to aid driver training. An award-winning, differentiating feature of the platform, it allows managers to drill down into specific violations to identify and analyze where it occurred through a second-by-second playback, supplying a one-of-a-kind robust training tool. The system gives drivers an overview of all safety violations, helping them recognize and rectify their own unsafe habits.

As a result of Teletrac Navman’s work with over 40,000 customers and 500,000 vehicles, fleet maintenance events decreased by 12% with a 30% reduction in fuel consumption, productivity and compliance savings increased by 30% and road violations and incidents were reduced by 20%.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and benefits of the nominated product or service.

i. Recognized by 2016 CES Innovation Award for Software and Mobile Apps
ii. 40,000 customers; 500,000 vehicles served across six continents
iii. Reduced labor costs: Saved up to 30 minutes a day per vehicle; average overtime reduced by 15%
iv. Increased productivity: 30% increase in average number of trips per day without adding cars or drivers; 15% increase in uptime
v. Fewer driver events: 20% reduction in road incidents and violations
vi. Increased savings: 30% increase in productivity and compliance savings
vii. Advanced GPS Tracking for better visibility and planning
viii. Built-in live Google-powered mapping; geofencing capabilities to create virtual barriers and draw locations on a map
ix. Configurable live alerts for unauthorized vehicle use, excessive idle time or speeding
x. Advanced engine diagnostics and fuel management tracking for vehicle maintenance updates