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PagerDuty - IT Service Management Solution

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service


Company: PagerDuty, San Francisco, CA
Entry Submitted By: Bhava Communications
Company Description: PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for businesses. Its SaaS-based solution empowers over 8,000 global customers with the insight to intelligently respond to critical disruptions to ensure exceptional customer experience. PagerDuty was founded to deliver a new and innovative approach to increase business response and efficiency.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Categories - Software
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Software - IT Service Management Solution

Nomination Title: PagerDuty

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and performance to date:

PagerDuty is a digital operations management solution that enhances IT operations management by integrating with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. From enriching and aggregating events to correlating them into actionable alerts, PagerDuty streamlines the operations management life cycle by reducing noise and resolution times, and proactively identifying and resolving performance issues. This functionality enables customers to remain agile, while innovating, preventing downtime and addressing business needs.

Every layer in the the infrastructure stack is changing, giving rise to hybrid servers, software-defined storage and networking, microservices and containerized applications. While these new architectures help teams become more agile, their highly distributed and interconnected nature also increases the risk of outages, failed deployments, and vulnerabilities. As a result, teams are investing in multiple monitoring solutions to get full stack visibility to ensure that their agile systems are also stable.

PagerDuty helps development, security, DevOps and ITOps teams resolve the agility-stability paradox by surfacing critical issues with actionable alerts. By providing a unified view across the entirety of operations and correlating alerts with built-in triage and scheduling capabilities, PagerDuty empowers IT development and operations teams to work collaboratively to address critical issues in real-time and helps agile development teams improve their ability to release and integrate changes quickly.

This year, PagerDuty introduced IT operations management capabilities and features to further empower DevOps teams to simplify incident resolution and deliver increased uptime and performance. Earlier in the year PagerDuty enhanced platform functionality correlating views across all mission-critical services, extending the platform beyond alerting, notification, on-call automation and triage to event intelligence, and end-to-end response orchestration. PagerDuty’s new Operations Command Console (OCC) and Intelligence Applications unify and provide actionable insights on all relevant dimensions of customer experience including application performance, infrastructure health, and incident response. These intelligent insights enable teams to collaborate efficiently, resolve disruptions quickly and focus on continuous development and delivery of services.

The new OCC provides a unified view of every application, service and infrastructure health, and the orchestration of incident response workflows. By creating this view, PagerDuty is reducing the time it takes to align teams to identify and resolve customer-impacting issues, and is empowering practitioners and businesses leaders to focus more on learning and innovating to deliver amazing customer experiences. This real time view immediately correlates the noise and helps organizations to mitigate outages before they happen, creating more time to focus on the end user and delivering value to the business.

PagerDuty has also expanded its partner ecosystem, the largest in the industry, to over 175 native integrations with leading technology and DevOps partners including ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, AWS and Datadog. In addition, PagerDuty has been recognized numerous times this year by industry awards for their product as well as executive staff and overall company culture.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and benefits of the nominated product or service (up to 150 words).

- The Operations Command Console – Provides developers, SecOps, IT Ops and DevOps teams with a unified view of application performance, infrastructure health, and incident response workflows to not only accelerate incident resolution, but provide actionable insights that help prevent downtime. This empowers practitioners and businesses to focus more on managing what matters, learning and innovating to deliver amazing customer experiences.

- Infrastructure & Service Health Applications – Provides the full-stack visibility required to mobilize, coordinate and orchestrate both technical and business response to incidents. This reduces the mean time to resolution and proactively manages issues before they impact the business.

- Major Incident Application – View major incidents as they occur in real-time and determine the relationship with impacted services and infrastructure for faster root cause analysis and resolution.

- Responders Application – Mobilize the right resources and collaborate with any subject matter expert from the organization to resolve