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Momentum Worldwide - Healthcare Marketing Campaign of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Momentum Worldwide, New York, NY
Company Description: It's the actual experiences we have with a brand that define its relevance – so Momentum Worldwide helps brands create their Total Brand Experience. We do this with expertise in communications strategy, content creation, and flawless execution across events, sponsorships, promotions, advertising, shopper, music, entertainment, social and beyond.
Nomination Category: Marketing Campaign Categories - Industry
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Campaign of the Year - Healthcare - OTC

Nomination Title: Allergan Refresh America

Tell the story of this nominated marketing campaign for the judges (up to 650 words). Describe the genesis, planning, execution, and results to date of your campaign.

When someone is suffering from dry eye, they have two options. The first is to head to the store to find a product to relieve symptoms. The second is to visit the doctor for a sample and recommendation. In both cases, consumers end up at the retail shelf, which is crowded with 70+ options from 12+ manufacturers often touting similar—if not the same—benefits. It’s hard to find the best product, and it can even be difficult to find a recommended product amid the clutter.

REFRESH® is a leader in the artificial tear market, owning one-third of the category, but they needed a marketing solution (1) to separate the premium line, REFRESH OPTIVE®, from the sea of sameness on the shelf, driving sales by 5% without cannibalizing the rest of portfolio and (2) to overcome sampling budget cuts by providing a compelling reason for doctors to recommend REFRESH OPTIVE® to regain the previously lost “#1 Doctor Recommended Brand” status.

There are 21 million American dry eye sufferers looking for a solution to constant, irritating symptoms. They value family and volunteering, and believe fulfilling obligations to their community and country is very important. Then there are the 61,000 eye doctors. When asked why they chose to pursue medicine, most physicians say they wanted to make a difference by helping people. They are looking for a way to give back and promote good eye health in their communities.

We needed to give consumers a reason to feel good about purchasing and offer doctors a reason to recommend REFRESH®, while at the same time conveying the benefits and soothing relief REFRESH OPTIVE® delivers—even in conditions that are especially harsh on the eyes, such as intense wind, excessive heat, vision-clouding dust and smoke. Those are the same conditions America’s first responders live and work in every day; connecting REFRESH® and first responders just made sense.

And so, REFRESH AMERICA was born. For every purchase of an REFRESH OPTIVE® product, eye drop donations were made to first responders across the nation. We partnered with the U.S. First Responders Association to help identify where we could distribute product to the first responders who were in immediate need.

At retail, REFRESH OPTIVE® products featured a special REFRESH AMERICA logo on the packaging. The new red, white and blue tear drop turned into a brand icon, making REFRESH OPTIVE® stand out from the competition at-shelf. The packaging’s side panel explained the program and led consumers to the microsite, where they encountered a promotional and educational video highlighting the extreme conditions and heroic moments first responders face on a daily basis. The campaign was further promoted through targeted banner ads, eblasts, free standing inserts and a “Know What Matters” spot that aired on TV and radio.

Doctors were sent promotional materials to place in their offices to help keep REFRESH® top of mind, and at the Vision Source Optometrist Eye Care Convention, doctors were given the chance to give back through donating product directly in their communities. By connecting REFRESH® products with doctors and their local first responders, we were able to turn more than 150 doctors into brand ambassadors and help them expand their individual practices by introducing them to potential new patients in the first responder community.

During the first year of the REFRESH AMERICA campaign, (1) the REFRESH OPTIVE® line saw growth in dollar and unit sales, and other REFRESH® SKUs were not cannibalized by the growth of OPTIVE®. In fact, all REFRESH® SKUs grew in 2016. (2) REFRESH® regained the “#1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears” status. In addition to meeting our objectives, REFRESH AMERICA generated 707 million impressions and led to over $1 million in product donated to first responders in over 200 cities in its first year.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief features and results of the nominated campaign (up to 150 words).

• The REFRESH OPTIVE® line was up +7.3% in dollar sales and +4.7% in unit sales versus 12 months prior.
• Other REFRESH® SKUs grew +5.1% in dollar sales and +2.0% in unit sales versus 12 months prior.
• REFRESH® regained the “#1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears” status for July 2016 at a 95% confidence level.
• REFRESH AMERICA generated 707 million impressions.
• Over $1 million in product donated to first responders in 200+ cities.