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Company: Momentum Worldwide, New York, NY
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Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Brand Experience Event

Nomination Title: FACEBOOK IQ LIVE

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: May 20, 2015

Briefly describe the nominated event's objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 525 words):

With over 1.4 billion users, Facebook has an incredible amount of data. It was about to become truly actionable in game-changing ways for marketers and brands on the platform with the launch of their new insights division, Facebook IQ, and their breakthrough “Moments that Matter” research study.

Our objective was to launch Facebook IQ with an innovative live event series to showcase the powerful new consumer insights and enable senior executives to forge connections with their key target of advertising and marketing executives.

Facebook wanted to ensure we had strong turnout, that the event would keep attendees engaged, showcase key research, and drive industry buzz, PR and positive sentiment. To do this, we created a truly unique event series called Facebook IQ LIVE: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary—an immersive experience-based event series that brought to life Facebook’s “Moments that Matter” research. Every detail of the event was designed to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Unique installation pieces inspired curiosity and enabled discovery. Our Facebook experts became “hosts,” delivering research in a casual way with two-way dialogue. Attendees explored at their own pace or on “group tours” that kept the 500+ attendees effortlessly flowing from zone to zone throughout the 8-hour day, learning at every touch point.

Activation elements included:

• The Instagram Café: made of wood, corrugated steel and fruit boxes. It featured a latté artist who created faces out of foam in a branded takeaway mug, a custom-built Instagram logo made out of coffee mugs and plates, an outdoor seating area and an “ingredients wall” highlighting Facebook client case studies.
• IQ Park: designed with faux grass, a "Summer Stage," picnic tables, trees and park signs. This is where people gathered for keynote speeches, lunch, cocktail hour and a surprise stand-up act by comedian/actor Aziz Ansari.
• The IQs Home: a deconstructed home with a fabric roof, picket fence, mail box, driveway, front door, windows, baby room and living room. In the living room, guests learned insights about entertainment and in the baby room, they discovered new parenting insights. Actors played the role of “real parents” and immersed guests into the insights of how, when and what new parents post on Facebook. In the driveway, custom infographics visualized new car-buying behavior.
• IQ Mart: showcased an artistic sculpture made of shopping carts and delivered shopper insights and e-commerce behaviors.
• IQ News: modern newsstand where the classic newspaper rack was filled with iPads showcasing Facebook feeds. Also included snacks and drinks for the taking.
• America on the Move: shared insights and stats about what people share on Facebook when moving–brought to life using custom infographics across a giant stack of boxes.
• The Year of Extraordinary Wall: a year-long visual timeline showcased the hundreds of unique and surprising "holidays" Facebook users post about and marketers could take advantage of—from National Baking Day to Grandparents Day.


—Attendance exceeded goals by more than 40%. The event was such a success for Facebook that it was expanded beyond New York to Chicago and other cities.
—Thousands of Instagram and Facebook posts from attendees, and numerous write ups by press outlets, drove scale
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Richard Black
Managing Director

Nicole Kaplan
SVP / Group Creative Director

Elizabeth Bewalder
Account Director

Omid Farhang
Chief Creative Officer

David Chamberlain
SVP / Executive Creative Director

Phil Koutsis
SVP / Group Creative Director

Anthony Scerri
Design Director

James Gavigan
Director Of Production