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Momentum Worldwide - Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Momentum Worldwide, New York, NY
Company Description: It's the actual experiences we have with a brand that define its relevance – so Momentum Worldwide helps brands create their Total Brand Experience. We do this with expertise in communications strategy, content creation, and flawless execution across events, sponsorships, promotions, advertising, shopper, music, entertainment, social and beyond.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature

Nomination Title: American Express CES Escape the Office

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: January 4, 2017

Briefly describe the nominated display, stand or feature's objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 525 words):

CES is the largest tradeshow in North America, serving as a launching pad to showcase consumer technology. Being non-endemic to the show, American Express faced a challenge in trying to break through the clutter of new technology announcements and product demos. In the past, the brand had been solely focused on small business card acquisition. However, in 2017 American Express launched a new mission in support of global businesses large and small, and sought to reintroduce the brand to the CES audience.

To demonstrate to attendees that American Express is a partner for businesses, no matter their size, we focused on universal aspects that every business owner, employee and attendee at CES could appreciate—problem solving, working under pressure, working as a team and networking. We capitalized on the popular global escape room phenomenon to create a uniquely interactive environment where attendees would connect with each other instead of product demos.

Our space inside the Las Vegas Convention Center was transformed into a modern-day office park, containing the offices of two fictional companies, Robot & Sons and WearNext Wearables. For each company we created a unique backstory, visual identity and challenge. Attendees would assume the role of employees of either company and be locked inside the office. Working together they had to solve a sequence of business-related challenges under intense time pressure in order to escape.

Within each office, players discovered American Express products and services through strategically placed clues, showcasing how the brand acts as a partner to businesses. If teams solved the full sequence of puzzles before time expired, the door to the office unlocked and they were able to escape the office. Following the experience all participants received branded oversized tote bags with catchy tech-inspired taglines. We also invited them to take part in a fun, shareable digital photo op where teams could playfully flaunt their success or lament their less than desirable outcome on social media.

To drive scale, generate leads and keep attendees occupied while on line for the live experience (and around our footprint), we also created a digital Escape the Office game. It featured a tech prototyping room with three levels of digitally hidden objects and American Express products that attendees had to search for. The game enabled attendees to enter a sweepstakes, rewarded them with clue cards that would be useful in the live physical game, and made striking up a conversation easy for our Business Consultants.

The American Express Escape the Office experience was an overwhelming success at CES, with non-stop lines for the full four days of CES. Qualitative feedback proved attendees were excited by the new brand image and that we provided a truly interactive experience. On the sales side, we achieved 120% of our card acquisition goal for the show and set a new company record. Over 3,500 attendees participated on-site, and we generated over 250,000 total impressions— including over 57,000 earned on social media. Ultimately, the American Express Escape the Office experience broke through the clutter and stood side-by-side with the biggest tech brands in the world—being named one of Event Marketers “Six Steal-Worthy Ideas” from CES 2017.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

Momentum Worldwide:
- Phil Koutsis - SVP, Group Creative Director
- David Chamberlain - Executive Director Experience Design
- Taylor Baybutt - Associate Creative Director/Art
- Jonathon Granoff - Associate Creative Director/Copy
- Anthony Scerri - Experience Design Director
- Joseph Gourley - Senior 3D Experience Designer
- Marie Roberts - Senior Art Director
- Bob Tallman – Copywriter
- James Barrett – Art Director Production
- James Gavigan - Director of Live Events Production
- Joy Kim - Live Events Producer
- Mike Clark – Vice President / Director, Creative Technology
- Esther Chang – Director, Integrated Producer
- Pooja Daphtary - Integrated Producer
- Richard DiFuria - Studio Production Manager
- Shane Thompson – Project Manager
- Kayden Ressel – Owner and Creative Director
- Nicole Kaplan - Senior Vice President, Group Account Director
- Natalia Rybicka - Director
- Joe DeCarle - Senior Manager
- Griffin Wood - Senior Account Executive
- Michelle Davret - Assistant Account Executive