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Momentum Worldwide - Best Brand Experience Event

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Momentum Worldwide, New York, NY
Company Description: It's the actual experiences we have with a brand that define its relevance – so Momentum Worldwide helps brands create their Total Brand Experience. We do this with expertise in communications strategy, content creation, and flawless execution across events, sponsorships, promotions, advertising, shopper, music, entertainment, social and beyond.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Brand Experience Event

Nomination Title: American Express PRO WALK

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: March 29, 2016

Briefly describe the nominated event's objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 525 words):

American Express has been a sponsor of the US Open for more than 20 years, helping enhance the fan experience. The goal for our 2016 activation was to create a highly visible and shareable experience that leveraged the attributes of innovation and forward thinking with the brand’s history of exceptional service and access.

The American Express® Pro Walk was an immersive, mixed-media experience that combined physical sets, live-action theater, 3-D sound, hidden cameras, holographic technology and a 24-foot interactive, projection-mapped dome to provide US Open fans the opportunity to see and feel what it was like to be a pro.

The Pro Walk was housed inside of the US Open American Express Fan Experience. Quotes reflecting memories from tennis legends Pete Sampras, Monica Seles and Venus Williams adorned the entrance. Fans queued and posed for pictures alongside our dome, which looked like an American Express branded tennis ball.

Fans names were collected by scanning their US Open Access QR code. Upon entering the player check-in room, brand ambassadors, playing US Open officials, greeted fans and recorded the pronunciation of their names. Fans then practiced their swing in front of a mirrored monitor. Unbeknownst to them, we captured this to help personalize the experience.

Fans then watched a short video about the US Open, after which they entered the players’ locker room, where they passed walls honoring past champions with the subtlest details replicated. An attendant directed fans to a bench where two guests would deliver a special pep talk. Holograms of Pete Sampras and Monica Seles shared words of wisdom and their US Open memories with the fans.

Outside the locker room, a seamless wall of LEDs recreated an energetic press corps bombarding the fans with questions about the pressures of their championship debut. Continuing down the hall, screens highlighted some of the great players in tournament history, with the final screen surprising fans by incorporating their swings which we recorded earlier. A tournament official then wished them good luck and swung open the door to the stadium.

A live public address announcer introduced each fan individually, using the pronunciations recorded earlier. Stepping into Arthur Ashe Stadium, fans were surrounded in 360 degrees by a raucous US Open crowd, which was digitally projected inside our 24-foot dome. A live camera captured the heroic moment, broadcasting each fan’s entrance onto the jumbotron inside of the projection.

A haptic racquet was handed to a fan, who was led to the service line on the court. Opposite them stood a virtual opponent, who was awaiting the final serve. A digital display counted down, and a digital ball blazed across the court for a match-winning ace.

As fans celebrated their victory, we compiled a personalized, shareable takeaway video including exclusive commentary from our legends, which was delivered instantly to fans via the official US Open Access app.

Throughout the two weeks, the Pro Walk entertained more than 5,000 participants onsite and generated more than 574 million earned PR Impressions, including stories in ESPN, CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, CBS NY, CNBC, The New York Post, Rolling Stone, NY1, Yahoo!, Chief Marketer and AdAge.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

- Chief Creative Officer, Omid Farhang, Momentum, New York
- Chief Technology Officer, Jason Snyder, Momentum, New York
- Executive Experience Director, David Chamberlain, Momentum, New York,
- Group Creative Director, SVP, Phil Koutsis, Momentum, New York
- SVP, Director of Integrated Production and Creative Technology, Heather Salkin, Momentum, New York
- Director, Integrated Producer, Esther Chang, Momentum, New York
- Integrated Producer, Pooja Daphtary, Momentum, New York
- Integrated Producer, Jamie Caplan, Momentum, New York
- Associate Integrated Producer, Michelle Petterson, Momentum, New York
- Associate Creative Director, Greg Tatum, Momentum, New York,
- Senior Art Director, Katie Honig, Momentum, New York
- Copywriter, Bob Tallman, Momentum, New York
- Executive Experience Director, David Chamberlain, Momentum, New York
- 3D Experiential Designer, Joe Gourley, Momentum, New York
- Director of Content, David Stuart, Momentum, New York
- Senior Content Producer, Marie Elena Lopez, Momentum, New York
- Director of Creative Technology, Mike Clark, Momentum, New York
- Director, Business Leadership, Ian Fettinger, Momentum, New York
- Manager, Business Leadership, James Schechter, Momentum, New York-Account Executive, Business Leadership, Ariana Murphy, Momentum, New York
- Assistant Account Executive, Business Leadership, Scott Kevy, Momentum, New York
- Producer, Marty Galak, Momentum, New York

Media Monks:
- Executive Producer, Jonathan Percy, Media Monks, New York City
- Technical Creative Director, Rafael Fittipaldi, Media Monks, New York City
- Producer, Alice Oakhill, Media Monks, New York City

- Production Manager, Tim Higgins, DCI, New York City
- Managing Director, Steve Wietzke, DCI, New York City

World Stage:
- Senior Technology Specialist, Alex Bright, World Stage, New York City
- Projectionist, Juan Mateo, World Stage, New York City