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Magline LiftPlus®

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Magline, Inc., Standish, MI
Company Description: Magline has nearly 70 years of experience delivering innovative solutions. Customers depend on our knowledge, experience and attention to detail to provide solutions for a variety of material handling needs. Our lightweight ergonomically-designed products deliver workplace safety and productivity. Magliner has become the most trusted name in material handling.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Industrial Products & Services

Nomination Title: Magline LiftPlus®

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The initial idea behind the highly engineered LiftPlus® began with a simple question from its inventor: “How does a single person lift a window air conditioner that weighs 100 pounds or more into their window if they live alone?” The possible solutions available at the time were heavy, expensive, or too cumbersome to move through doorways. The perfect solution needed to be compact and robust, but lightweight. To avoid the inconvenience of hydraulics or cranks, electric screw drive system was the preferred lifting technology. Large wheels for maneuverability and disc brakes for parking power while loading and unloading would provide added safety. The LiftPlus®, conceived out of impatience, soon turned into a product with multiple uses for residential, commercial, and light industry markets.

The Magliner LiftPlus® is a combination stacker, transporter, and positioner that can lift up to 350 pounds. It reduces common injuries due to lifting, balancing, positioning and transporting loads. The LiftPlus is the tool to eliminate most manual lifting tasks, whether the load is 20 pounds or up to 350 pounds.

The LiftPlus® offers a wide array of attachments to fulfill many common functions on the job floor, from a workbench with a built-in vise, to an arbor for rolled products, and a V-tray for cylindrical products. Customizable accessories are equipped with quick-change brackets and can be switched out in seconds and without tools; this allows a single LiftPlus® unit to perform multiple jobs. If an attachment doesn’t already exist for a special application, people can contact Magline to discuss a custom attachment.

The LiftPlus is available in three lift heights (48”, 60” and 72”). The system encompasses an electric screw drive system providing smooth and quiet operation that other lift methods can’t match. The screw drive system allows the user to position a load in an infinite number of places between the lowest and highest lift position. The LiftPlus operates on single, 12-V battery system which provides 125-150 cycles (up/down) with a median load. The unit requires little maintenance, and because all parts are replaceable, customers can manage their own repairs without sending the unit out for service; significantly reducing down-time.

In addition, the LiftPlus® is highly mobile compared to a forklift—a game-changing advantage in a crowded workspace. The LiftPlus can fit through a standard 28-inch doorway and folds for easy transportation when it’s not in use. Rear rollers ensure easy storage in tight spaces.

No certification is needed to operate the LiftPlus®, and the controls are easy to understand. The LiftPlus® is available immediately to anyone who needs it—there’s no need to call for a licensed fork truck driver. It is easy to use in office, warehouse or residential settings. In other words, the LiftPlus can help deepen the labor pool available to complete a lifting task.

The versatility of the LiftPlus® makes it highly marketable across a vast portfolio of industry types. Current LiftPlus customers include: tire manufacturers; server/IT management; printing companies; auto repair shops; tool and die shops; beverage manufacturers; health care companies; packaging manufacturers; HVAC; and universities, just to name a few.

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• The LiftPlus® weighs approximately 110 lbs., allowing it to be easily folded and transported unlike larger lifting equipment
• Each lifting attachment can be interchanged with the LiftPlus® without any tools
• Compared to standard lift trucks, the LiftPlus® system is more affordable in the initial investment and with fewer expenses related to equipment maintenance and fuel
• Electric screw drive lift system provides smooth quiet operation – no hydraulic leaks, no cable stretching
• The LiftPlus® features multi-directional rollers and 13” wheels providing 360-degree rotation within its own footprint
• Standard units feature 350 lbs. lift capacity; high speed models lift up to 120 lbs.
• A protection circuit prevents lifting loads exceeding weight capacity to protect both the operator and unit
• Safely and easily folds for compact storage which frees up floor space
• Optional tethered remote actuates lifting up to 6’ away for precise positioning