LCG, Ltd. & H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan - Executive of the Year


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Company: LCG, Ltd. & H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Company Description: LCG, Ltd. is the nation’s largest privately held employee legal plan provider. Founded in 1995 by Gary Frank, architect of the exclusive H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan, the Philadelphia-based company employs 253 full-time staff, generates gross revenue in excess of $250 million, services more than 2 million enrollees and families, and has experienced no client terminations in its entire 21-year history.
Nomination Category: Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Executive of the Year - Legal

Nomination Title: Gary Alan Frank, Chairman & CEO of LCG, Ltd., H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan, and the H.E.L.P.® Foundation

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As Chairman and CEO of LCG, Ltd., H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan, and the H.E.L.P.® Foundation, Gary Alan Frank undertook the complex challenge of directing the organization through its greatest period of growth and expansion in 2016. Under Frank’s leadership, the company’s enrollments increased by 26% and maintained 100% client worksite retention. Additionally, Frank led the strategic market expansion and initiated the first international expansion in the history of legal plans. He oversaw funding and management of the organization’s first securities transaction in its 21-year history, having received $40 million in expansion capital from Prudential Capital Group (a division of Prudential Insurance Companies of America). He was also responsible for navigating the distribution of those assets to manage growth, achieve continuous positive cash flow, and ultimately exceeding all forecasts for record setting revenues and profitability.

Frank originated the H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan in 1995 with the goal of modernizing and ultimately perfecting the concept of an employee legal plan. The evolution of H.E.L.P.® as a unique product has revolutionized the legal plan competitive landscape and benefit industry. The old legal plan business is focused on bottom line margins, experiencing high turnover of worksites, enrollees and staff. No legal plan company have ever maintained a foundation, nor invested in the continuing education and learning of its staff through educational programming and community service requirements. But LCG, Ltd. and its exclusive H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan dispel the entire industry norm, and the year 2016 was a brilliant example of how Frank’s executive direction drove company performance and the organization’s enhanced commitment to social responsibility.

In 2016, Frank recognized that the organization’s growth needed to evolve to accommodate greater demand, but he was resolute in enhancing the giving and time of the H.E.L.P.® Foundation. Frank’s steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility led to the company to perform more than 5,000 hours of community service and donate in excess of $500,000 to 54 nonprofit organizations in 2016. Frank’s belief in intertwining corporate and social responsibility was never more evident than in 2016 when he undertook additional non-profit leadership responsibilities. Most notably and recently, Frank was named Chairman Elect of the Board of Directors (and continues to serve his third term as Vice-Chairman before taking over as Chairman) for The Philly POPS, the largest pops orchestra in the country. He was also named Chairman of Nominations and Governance for the Board of Directors of The Philadelphia Orchestra and served as Co-Chairman of the 2016 Philadelphia Orchestra Opening Night Gala. He was named Chairman of Communications Committee for the Board of Trustees of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the nation’s #1 ranked think tank in its asset class. In addition, Frank again endowed the National Liberty Scholars and Scholarship program for the National Liberty Museum, as well as the 2016 Ovation Award for the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra (PYO). In recognition of his foundation’s work with the PYO, Frank was bestowed the 2016 Distinguished Service Award.

Another highlight of Frank’s 2016 executive leadership includes his decision to restructure LCG, Ltd. into collaborative cross-functional teams to cultivate teamwork on specific projects and toward organizational goals. This enhanced the efficiency of the company’s performance through record-setting growth in enrollments and top line revenues. Additionally, seeking to continue its 100% employee satisfaction and retention, Frank reconfigured the organization’s Catalytic Coaching Process, eliminating all year-end performance reviews in favor of year-round coaching sessions to foster continued learning, growth and improvement. All of the above aspects of Frank’s executive direction in 2016 are examples of how his strategic thought leadership and philanthropic focus allowed the organization to reach new heights, and for its staff to grow personally and professionally, while simultaneously setting an example in the community.