LCG, Ltd. & H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan - Company of the Year


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Company: LCG, Ltd. & H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Company Description: LCG, Ltd. is the nation’s largest privately held employee legal plan provider. Founded in 1995 by Gary Frank, architect of the exclusive H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan, the Philadelphia-based company employs 253 full-time staff, generates gross revenue in excess of $250 million, services more than 2 million enrollees and families, and has experienced no client terminations in its entire 21-year history.
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Nomination Sub Category: Company of the Year - Legal - Large

Nomination Title: LCG, Ltd. & H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan - Changing The Law Experience

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2016 was an extraordinary year of accomplishments for LCG, Ltd. Headquartered in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company is a Sub S corporation and 100% owned by founder and CEO, Gary Alan Frank. LCG, Ltd. LCG. Ltd. is the exclusive provider of the H.E.L.P.® Legal Plan and was originated in 1995 with the singular goal of modernizing and ultimately perfecting the concept of an employee legal plan. The evolution of H.E.L.P.® as a unique product has irrevocably altered the legal plan competitive landscape and has revolutionized the industry. The historical concerns about prepaid insurance legal plans revolved around the old “one-size-fits-all” model of providing limited coverage with costly restrictions based upon time, topic or complexity, HMO-style attorney networks, limited attorney experience and screening requirements, subpar response time, confusing reimbursement schedules and usage restrictions, and poorly trained or uneducated customer service. These failings prompted the design and introduction of something so incomparable and unique in H.E.L.P.® that would rectify industry shortcomings.

In 2016, H.E.L.P.® was once again consistently implemented in favor of prepaid legal plans as it has transformed the law experience for worksites and employees. Unlike any other industry provider, H.E.L.P.® plan participants are serviced exclusively by partner-level attorneys with a minimum of 20 years of experience (4 times industry specs). In 2016, H.E.L.P.® covered 97.11% of all enrollee legal matters (3 times the industry average). The average H.E.L.P.® attorney response time in 2016 was just 17 minutes from the initial call to assisting the enrollee. The plan is available 7 days per week and offers a 24/7 emergency assistance service. H.E.L.P.® maintained 100% worksite retention for the 21st consecutive year, increasing enrollments and averaging 108% enrollee retention yet again throughout 2016.