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getTalent - Relationship Management Solution


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service


Company: getTalent, San Jose, CA
Company Description: getTalent is the most advanced sourcing management solution that helps HR teams build and manage a strategic, future-ready talent pipeline, and engage and hire the right candidates faster.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Categories - Software
Nomination Sub Category: New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Relationship Management Solution

Nomination Title: getTalent

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getTalent is the most advanced sourcing management solution that helps HR teams build and manage a strategic, future-ready talent pipeline, and engage and hire the right candidates faster. This next generation technology is one-part relationship management system, one-part marketing automation tool, and 100% tailor-made for recruiting. getTalent was released to the public in March of 2016, and has since worked to help HR and recruiting teams transform their hiring processes and find increased effectiveness and success.

The recruiting process for many organizations is antiquated with many organizations scrambling to fill vacancies as they arise. Additionally, many HR and recruiting managers are still managing candidates with spreadsheets, google docs or even with manila folders. Data is in disparate places and there is no single view of the pipeline, if a pipeline even exists. When HR teams struggle to get candidates active, interested and engaged, the resulting unfilled jobs and increased time-to-hire represent a major opportunity cost to businesses. getTalent innovates with a page from the B2B marketing playbook, applying the same lead cultivation and management techniques to recruiting. The end result enables employers to move the most qualified candidates through the recruitment funnel faster.

getTalent’s innovative technology creates a single repository of all candidate leads, which HR teams can then organize into distinct talent pools and targeted talent pipelines. Users can create unlimited talent pipelines for specific open job requirements or hiring initiatives, such as executive searches, specific positions in various locales and diversity or veterans' hiring programs. Keeping talent pools of "warm candidates" is critical to nurturing talent over time, and ensuring less cold calls to prospects. Instead of relying exclusively on email, HR teams can use getTalent's built-in multi-channel engagement options to deliver the right messages to the right candidates over the most effective channel. HR teams with recruitment marketers can also engage candidate leads using built-in integrations with Eventbrite and Meetup, with text, OS push notifications, and social media integrations.

HR leaders leverage getTalent’s revolutionary platform to gain insight into pipeline health, growth, and makeup, as well as team performance; seeing which recruiters and sourcers are contributing the most candidates while also qualifying candidate value and attribute alignment to open roles. getTalent has developed a product that can track every candidate interaction across all channels, including email, phone and social media. Using the aggregated data, candidate leads are scored, just like marketing leads, giving hiring teams a dashboard view of each candidate's engagement level with that company.

Given the challenges that recruiters and HR managers are facing, recruiting is a 24/7 activity, and recruiters can’t afford to wait to reach out to prospects until thy are back at their desks. getTalent created a mobile app, allowing recruiters to add resumes to their database and contact prospects by email or phone call directly from the app. getTalent’s mobile gives users a significant advantage, providing the tools to add and engage candidates on the spot, so recruiters can be proactive from anywhere.

getTalent has continued to disrupt the space with an industry first, getTalent's exclusive FreshUp™ process which leverages proprietary data and technology in conjunction with DHI's Open Web product to scour over 220 publicly available online data sources, to update candidate leads with the most current and accurate data. FreshUp also updates old candidate leads, making them new and actionable again.

getTalent’s technology also offers unique automation capabilities, removing the need for tedious manual data entry and wasting time. getTalent parses resumes for you to identify and tag key skills in a candidate profile and sort candidates into pipelines based on your custom fields.

2016 has been a big year for getTalent between launch and implementation, the product has seen early adoption from large clients including Kaiser, HP Enterprise, University of Virginia Health, and VSP. With each new client and additional feature release getTalent pushes the boundaries of recruiting possibilities and helps teams to build, engage, organize and hire.

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1. getTalent Product Launch – March 2016
2. Featured in CIO Magazine – March 2016
3. Launched Workday Integration – September 2016
4. Mobile App Launch – October 2016
5. Mobile App Feature in HR Dive – October 2016
6. Launched Eventbrite and Meetup Integration – December 2016
7. Named to Recruiting Daily’s List of Favorite Things of 2016 – December 2016