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George P. Johnson - Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: George P. Johnson, Auburn Hills, MI
Company Description: | George P. Johnson is the world’s leading experiential marketing agency. We create innovative live, mobile and online experiences that motivate audiences and activate brands. We’re part of Project: WorldWide, an independent, global network of complementary, wholly-owned agencies.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Exhibition Display, Stand or Feature

Nomination Title: Honda Your Dreams are Our Dreams

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: November 20, 2015

Briefly describe the nominated display, stand or feature's objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 525 words):

The New Honda Major Auto Show Kit debuted in November 2015 at the Los Angeles Auto Show and was built around the concept “Experience the Power of Dreams from the Honda Core.”

To attract people from across the show floor, we lifted the architecture off the ground in the shape of a giant ring. The ring was brightly lit by LED and wrapped with a moving, colorful depiction of dream clouds. From afar the ring served as a tractor beam, captivating people with intriguing images.

The interior of the ring, also swathed in giant, high resolution LED, told the Power of Dreams story through artfully curated content. Eyes were then drawn to the very center of the space where a circular, ramped dais showcased the newest Honda model or concept. Brand ambassadors immediately directed attendees to start their journey through a downloaded mobile app or to the registration kiosk where they registered via an RFID wristband.

The journey engagements all encourage lingering, inspire wonder, educate and elicit a smile. Activations include:
• Honda Digital Mobile Journey – For those with the mobile download, the app acts as docent on the show floor allowing attendees to explore not only physically but virtually the 22 Honda vehicles arrayed across the display. Away from the show, the app serves as a handy Honda vehicle information expert, a game keeper and auto show experience photo album.
• HR-V ‘Flick to Fill’ Digital Game – By answering, “How many Teddy Bears, Basketballs, Rubber Duckies, or Tennis Balls does it take to fill an HR-V?” this engagement whimsically illustrates the impressive volume of the HR-V.
• Dream Machines – Brought each participant’s Dreams to the ‘Big Screen’ with a social share component to broadcast their creation well beyond the show floor.
• Tablet Wheel Stands – Provides up to date vehicle features and specs, as well as the ability to self-register for dealer contact and sweepstakes entries.
• Product Specialists roamed the space answering questions and help to collect additional sweepstakes entries, dealer contact and brochure requests.

What was truly unique about the whole experience was the thematically unified nature of the activations: they all served to bolster the Honda Power of Dreams Brand image through intrigue, education and smiles. For example, the Dream Machines engendered:
1. Intrigue – They puffed great clouds rings towards the screens that immediately attracted attention even from the aisles.
2. Education – The animation on the screen morphed into a depiction Honda products that tied to the participant’s dreams and aspirations, often surprising them with the breadth of the Honda product range.
3. Smiles – The whole experience from interacting with the machine, to the animation, to seeing their image on the screen elicited broad smiles and laughter.

The metrics are coming in beyond our wildest expectations, (note the YOY increases listed below are 2016 vs. 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show):
• 86% increase in participation - Just under 10k registrations for a single show run
• 33% increase in Dealer Contact Requests
• 36% increase email follow up Opt Ins
• 123% increase in sweepstakes registration
• 81% more likely to purchase/lease Honda

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Agency: George P. Johnson Experience Marketing and Spinifex Group
Creative Direction: Russell Heubach, VP, Executive Creative Director and Geoff Mye, Design Director
Spinifex Group - Digital content and interactive functionality including RFID and mobile journey, tech support, HR-V projection interactive, Dream Machines, PS tablet content, Wheelstand tablet content, etc.
Seibo LLC - LED, lighting, sound technical support and installation -Cosmetic Car Care – Vehicle prep and detail
Gail & Rice – Product Specialists and Brand Ambassadors