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Company: George P. Johnson, Auburn Hills, MI
Company Description: | George P. Johnson is the world’s leading experiential marketing agency. We create innovative live, mobile and online experiences that motivate audiences and activate brands. We’re part of Project: WorldWide, an independent, global network of complementary, wholly-owned agencies.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Consumer Event

Nomination Title: FCA Gears Experience at the North American International Auto Show

The date on which this nominated production was first presented: January 11, 2016

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Regularly drawing close to a million consumers and 5000+ press, the North American International Auto Show has hosted plenty of historic moments. But after market research revealed ever-growing expectations for entertainment at the show, which in turn increases coveted dwell time, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles took the spectacle to new heights in 2016.

Bringing together content, lighting and audio in unparalleled synchronicity, GEARS combines the power of theater with linear storytelling, taking the audience experience to dramatic new levels.

Developed in partnership with GPJ and Spinifex, the GEARS concept showcases the unique personalities of 7 FCA brands—FIAT, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Dodge, RAM and MOPAR—in a cohesive space that connects them through a spectacular array of LED screens, custom-designed LED light rings and multi-channel audio, forming a ‘Kinetic Canopy’ that intelligently moves light and sound above and between the brands like an energy field.

Conceptually, the symphony of light resembles a finely honed machine with each of the brands’ ‘Gears’ interacting with one another in a stable and organized manner.
The brands then take their turn drawing energy from the canopy to fuel a show that features its key stories and products.

During the show, energy builds like in a centrifuge within the brand before it is eventually released back into the canopy as light and motion that flows across to neighboring brands.

In addition to the metaphorical value of the ‘symphony of light and sound’, the energy flow represented by the LED light rings and accompanying music also provides the practical benefit of being able to influence a customers’ journey through the FCA booth from brand to brand, product to product.

As the energy flow directs the visitors’ attention to each particular brand, a custom arrangement of LED screens captures it with a display of dramatic video content that highlights and showcases the various vehicles within each brand space.

This completes the circle, ultimately engaging customers with a first hand experience of the unique product offerings of each brand.

At the brand level each of the 7 spaces is designed to celebrate and elevate that brands core values through carefully designed form, color selections, material palettes and finely crafted details.

The largest of all the spaces at NAIAS 2016, the FCA GEARS display showcases over 70 vehicles in total from sleek sports cars and stylish sedans & minivans to rugged trucks and SUV’s.


Like interlocking gears in a machine, seven world-class brands came together in a calibrated, FCA branded experience. The 60,000 square foot technical wonderland, connected through a spectacular array of LED screens, 18 custom-designed LED light rings and multi-channel audio, formed a ‘Kinetic Canopy’ that moved light and sound above and between the brands like an energy field. A choreographed, 20 minute audio-visual journey showcased each brand in turn, leaving attendees speechless and putting the show back in the auto show.

10,000 square feet of video surface
30,000,000 LED pixels
32 distinct audio zones

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Agency: George P. Johnson Experience Marketing
Digital Agency: Spinifex Group
Production Company: James Klein Events
Seibo Lighting
Penske Special Vehicles
Gail & Rice Productions
McNabb Flooring