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Company: FEEDBACK FIRST by Huibert Evekink with Steven Becker
Entry Submitted By: Melissa Sones Consulting
Company Description: After years as a top executive with multinational corporations, Huibert Evekink knew what was missing: open and honest communication built on feedback. In 2016, he published Feedback First, a comprehensive guide to building feedback cultures as the foundation for business performance and success. Within days of publication, the book sold 2000 copies, nearly all to organizations ready to change.
Nomination Category: Publication Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best E-Book

Nomination Title: FEEDBACK FIRST by Huibert Evekink with Steven Becker

The date on which this nominated e-book was first distributed or otherwise made public: September 30, 2016

Briefly describe this e-book's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

After 20-plus years with multinational corporations, Huibert Evekink knew this: “Years of research and in-depth experience shows feedback effectiveness is the foundation for performance in modern organizations.” That means open, honest communication about ideas, opportunities, problems, mistakes.

He knew that teams and leaders discuss “change” and it rarely happens. The “change initiative” failure rate is around 70%. The key, Evekink understood, was to first build a culture of feedback before “changing”: if you cannot talk about what’s going right and what’s going wrong you continually make the same mistakes.

In March 2016, Huibert Evekink left his job to start Futureteaming, a global company dedicated to teaching organizations to build “feedback cultures that last” through innovative training techniques.

In September 2016, Evekink published Feedback First, a game-changing business book, aimed at organizations: surgical teams, police academies, start-ups, billion-dollar multinationals.

Feedback First explains how building a feedback culture shapes business success from feedback dynamics to overcoming defensiveness. As leaders create safe, open cultures for speaking up, everyone learns/improves via key steps to giving/receiving feedback.

Within days, Feedback First sold 2000 copies, most to organizations looking to change; the European media lauded its “highly effective ‘serious games”; well-known business experts offered endorsements.

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Cover Design Hayder Al-Deen
Overall book design and illustrations Huibert Evekink
Overall Editorial Support and Guidance Lisa Tener (book development company)">
“Feed-backer” on manuscript
Steven Becker (business partner)