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Experian Decision Analytics - Product Management Department/Team of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service


Company: Experian Decision Analytics, Costa Mesa, CA
Company Description: We live in a world built on data; it is everywhere, growing in power & influence. At Experian we have always believed that data has the potential to transform lives & create a better tomorrow. Founded in 1826, Experian's 17,000 people working across 37 countries work to unlock the possibilities that data holds & help people & businesses realize the opportunity within while protecting against fraud
Nomination Category: Product Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Product Management Department/Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Global Fraud & ID CrossCore Launch Team

Tell the story about what this nominated department or team has achieved since January 1 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

In today’s world of SaaS, clients demand instant-on services with elastic capacity. The CrossCore Product Development Team started with deploying the build software to multiple operation environments, and then continued as we established and tested connections to other Experian services. More than 20 different operational systems had to be built, configured, connected, tested and monitored to ensure everything was working and then the team would do it again and again and again to ensure it was right. The team used an “immutable container” approach that allowed them to build and test code in packages that can be installed anywhere and everywhere.

CrossCore required the efforts of individuals and teams working together across many sites, countries, and regions, day and night, weekdays and weekends. The team worked across all functions and geographies, coming together and measuring themselves on the ultimate success of the CrossCore program, and not just the competition of their individual responsibilities. The effort by the team resulted in a best-in-class approach to managing risk and fraud with services that work in any combination – Experian solutions, your internal applications, even third-party solutions – so that users catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience.

The team was led by Stephen Van Lare, Vice President of Engineering and Product Management. Team members include Manoj Khanwalkar, Izyani Rahman, Thierry Vernagallo, Kip Gupta, Lionel Verdi, Guillaume Delcroix, Emanuel Alasu, McCall Dorr, Neil Sheldrake, Matthew Falconer, Aznorlela Abdul Aziz, Richard East, Iliyan Iliev, Derek Helbert, David Mercer, Dimitar Dimitrov, Zdravko Tomov, Kinyip Wong, Yavor Dachev, Courtney Zolot, Ambikaduth Mahabir, Simon Burrows, Liang Sun Ooi, Ivailo Kolev, Tony Lee, Todor Marinov, Olivier Nifle, Evgeniya Dinkova, Tatyana Dimitrova, Stephane Mirabella, Vladislav Tsvetkov, Paolo Panada, Robert Bosman, Steve Lewis, Dimitar Pavlov, Oxana Radkevich, David Bush, Samuel Kedzierski, John Bernard, Bradley Cox, Darina Bonova, Sandeep Malhorta, Harry Dahiya, Veselin Karayanev, Patrick Pulice, Kamen Stankov, Andrew Grimmett, Fatme Tsarenska, Martin Kenrick, Thomas Johnson, Daniel Mabee, and John Sarreal.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) accomplishments of the nominated department or team since the beginning of 2016 (up to 150 words).

• The “immutable container” approach that allowed the team to build and test code in packages that can be installed anywhere and everywhere is a whole new way of building operational services and is fundamental to building a global platform that is tightly integrated with regional systems and 3rd parties.
• The team completed the entire process from conceptualization to launch in just nine months, which is an incredibly impressive achievement.
• In order to meet the commitment of delivering the product by June 1, the team had to have the most extreme level of commitment, which they did and that level of commitment never wavered.
• This team creates the products and solutions that help our clients prevent over $550m in fraud losses and supports over 45,000 victims of fraud and helped them to prove their identity and rebuild their credit profiles