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DGC International

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 American Business Awards

Company: DGC International, Vienna, VA
Company Description: DGC International is a highly responsive, ISO 9001: 2015, TRACE certified company that provides a full spectrum of sustainment capabilities to U.S. Government agencies worldwide. Our services include land, sea and air logistics with robust supply chain support, full-scale global operations, Special Operations Forces-centric training, and C5ISR services that promote exceptional situation awareness
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Fastest Growing Company of the Year - Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: DGC International

Tell the story about the growth of this nominated organization since January 1 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Begin this section with the following two lines: Year over year revenue growth (%): Year over year employee growth (%):

Year over Year Revenue Growth: 452%
Year over Year Employee Growth: 302%

Federal contractor DGC International has grown very rapidly; we were ranked as #20 on the Inc. 500 list for 2017, posting a three-year revenue growth of 10,999.2%. We were also recognized on that list as #1 in Government Services, #1 in Virginia and #1 in Washington DC.

This growth is due in large part to the strategic investments we have made in the business. These investments have optimized operations, expanded our global footprint, provided additional employment opportunities, and enhanced our business infrastructure.

DGCI President Mustafa Zamani and his executive management staff allocated the additional funds generated by the company’s growth to four major areas – client support, business operations, business infrastructure, and corporate philanthropy.

To increase our ability to support global military operations in remote and austere environments, DGCI acquired a significant stake in two companies. The first is a best-of-class logistics services company with a strong footprint in Africa. The second is a data analytics company that supports our current Department of Defense client base. These acquisitions will enhance our customized service offerings in the areas of logistics, operations, and training. They will also allow us to offer greater efficiencies, especially in the areas of cost optimization, data visualization, and supply chain excellence.

Our DGCI offices establish a powerful presence, and allow us to work efficiently with local officials, staff members, and business partners in several regions around the world. To ensure that we had the facilities necessary to provide exceptional client service, we invested some of our 2017 revenue in our Iraq, UAE, and East Africa support offices.

Exceptional customer service requires first-class business operations. In 2017, DGCI tripled in size, and expanded our corporate capabilities through strategic hires. Among these hires were two new Executive Directors tasked with applying their knowledge of specialized aspects of logistics and global energy to new business development and operations in those fast-growing areas (including bulk fuels and expeditionary logistics.)

As part of its ongoing commitment to employee development, DGCI used part of its 400%+ revenue add strategic acquisitions and re-invest in our employees and infrastructure. This included additional funds for classes, training materials, mentoring initiatives, and executive coaching.

2017 revenues also made it possible to expand and improve our business infrastructure. We began the transition from a series of standalone applications to an integrated ERP that is highly scalable and adaptable. When completed, this architecture will boost staff productivity and seamlessly knit operations in our Washington DC headquarters to operations around the world.

Because DGCI was founded largely as a vehicle to empower people, the company has contributed a minimum of 10% of profits to outreach work and has consistently looked to re-invest in the growth of our employees and partners. Furthermore, corporate philanthropy efforts were expanded in 2017, to include the Lamia Afghan Foundation, several overseas orphanages, Running Strong for American Indian Youth, the CIA Memorial Officers foundation, and a community center in rural Appalachia.

The growth that DGCI experienced made it possible for us to successfully find solutions for larger and more complex client programs. We havealwaysbeen committed to customized business solutions, quality products, and close coordination with clients. Now, as we mature as a company, we can use both our hard-won lessons and additional revenues to make continuous,incrementalprogress.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) growth-related achievements of the nominated organization since January 1 2017 (up to 150 words).

  1. Acquired a significant stake in a logistics/warehousing company and a data analytics company to expand the global DGC International (DGCI) footprint.
  2. Hired former senior military officer Subject Matter Experts to expand the logistics and global energy capabilities of the company.
  3. Actively shaped and integrated new corporate capabilities.
  4. Invested additional resources in our Iraq, UAE, and East Africa support offices to meet evolving client needs.
  5. Brought new perspectives and skill sets to the company’s Board of Advisors.
  6. Oversaw every facet of a major corporate rebranding.
  7. Significantly expanded DGCI’s global philanthropic work by increasing aid to current and new recipients.
  8. Leased new U.S and international offices to increase DGCI productivity.
  9. Empowered employees at every level by reinforcing open and fully transparent lines of communication.
  10. Used the visibility of the 2017 Inc. 500 list to create new strategic alliances and expand prospect lists.