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Company: Carepoynt, Newport Beach, CA
Entry Submitted By: Beyond Fifteen
Company Description: Carepoynt is the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform & network that puts consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience. Carepoynt is a consumer-centric program built around a multi-channel, cloud-based Rewardsware for Healthcare™ platform where members can connect, engage & be rewarded within a network of healthcare-focused providers, payers, employers & partners.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Startup of the Year - Consumer Services Industries

Nomination Title: Carepoynt

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since January 1 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Begin this section with the date since January 1 2016 on which this organization began operations.


Since its 2017 launch, Carepoynt’s cloud-basedRewardsware for HealthcareTM solution, the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience, has undergone rapid growth that will undoubtedly continue into 2018. With an eye towards a much more convenient and comprehensive approach to better healthcare for all, this cutting-edge platform – available 24/7 on any PC, laptop or smart device – has truly connected forward-thinking consumers with the groundbreaking solution to incentivize better life choices through a rewards-based, positive reinforcement strategy. Developed in response to today’s costly, chaotic and uncoordinated healthcare ecosystem, Carepoynt’s positive impact in has already led to more than 250 prominent partnerships and over 8,000 active members, as well as national awards and industry acclaim.


After an initial funding round of $1.5M in the first quarter of 2017, led by Tech Coast Angels, HBS Angels, Sheppard Capital, the Carepoynt team and other private investors, the company has been able to successfully establish its headquarters in Newport Beach, California, and looks to expand into Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018. Carepoyntcurrently consists of pioneers in the fields of healthcare, technology, finance, travel, telecommunications, retail, consumer products, education, marketing, sales and more with innovators, leaders and doers from the likes of Salesforce, Caesars, jetBlue, Kareo, LabCorp, Intel, Verizon, Guthy Renker, Kimberly-Clark, Herbalife, and many others.

Carepoynt is also supported by a renowned and highly experienced advisory board and network of visionaries, inventors, investors and trusted advisors with decades of combined experience as CEOs, executives, investors, providers and practitioners across a variety of applicable industries and roles and wide range of public institutions and private corporations such as Disney, Caesars Entertainment, Tech Coast Angels, Sierra Ventures, Sheppard Capital, HBS Angels, Aetna, Kaiser, Well Street, Stanford, UCI and others.


Carepoynt’s innovative platform has attracted a network of rewards partners that include some of the most well-known national and international brands in multiple industries. In seeing how this health-forward solution can create an endless stream of loyal consumers in the long run, over 250 partners are now participating in a process to make the world a healthier place and align their offerings to meet the demands and wants of Carepoynt users. As a result of racking up Poynts through making various healthy decisions, users of the platform can reap rewards from wellness, retail and clinical partners that include: Fitbit, CVS pharmacy, GNC, Starbucks Coffee, TeleWellnessMD, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nike, Gap, Target and more.


With an explosive year under its belt, Carepoynt wasfeatured in multiple, popular industry publications, such as Business Insider, Orange County Business Journal, NewsWatch, AMC and more. The company is noted for its ability to shift the dynamic of escalating costs and declining satisfaction within the eroding U.S. healthcare system, while helping to catalyze and encourage payers, providers, and consumers to move towards a healthier, more aligned and more rewarding experience. As a result of its commitment to better healthcare,Carepoyntwon silver in the 19thAnnual Digital Health Awards, recognized as one of the best in digital health resources for consumers and health professionals. Winners were selected from nearly 500 entries and judged by a panel of distinguished experts.


More growth and a healthier base of members are certainly ahead for Carepoynt, which remains driven by a commitment not only to create better outcomes – but also to “do good” while doing it. Carepoynt now has over 8,000 members and looks to continue its stellar growth in 2018. Its team is determined to continue to upgrade the platform and offer consumers, their families and their co-workers tools needed to achieve their collective and individual health goals. By working together Carepoynt, its partners and its members are making the world a healthier place for all.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this organization since the beginning of 2017 (up to 150 words).

-Launched industry’s first platform-based, rewards-incentivized healthcare solution
-Experienced growth from 0 members to 8,000
-Opened locations to include Newport Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada
-Featured in Business Insider, Orange County Business Journal, NewsWatch, and AMC
-Earned silver Digital Health Award in Connected Digital Health/Consumer Directed Digital Health Programs category
-Engaged over 250 national and local partners including Amazon, Whole Foods, Nike and Starbucks
-Created Share the Care™ for users to digitally donate Poynt/rewards to non-profits, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation

Of the following measures of success, which ONE do you want the judges to most appreciate about your organization's story of achievement since the beginning of 2017? Overall Innovation