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Brillio - Executive of the Year


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Brillio, Santa Clara, CA
Company Description: Brillio, a three-year-old fast growth digital services company, is built to challenge the conventional approach to enterprise IT with the New Know How in Technology. We are wired for speed, and rapidly develop and deploy disruptive solutions that help our Fortune 1000 clients stay ahead in a fast-changing environment and capture business value faster.
Nomination Category: Management Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Executive of the Year - Business & Professional Services

Nomination Title: Raj Mamodia, CEO

Tell the story about what this nominated executive has achieved since January 1, 2016 (up to 650 words). Describe the impact he or she has had on your organization. Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

For CEO Raj Mamodia, 2016 was the year in which his fast-growing company Brillio really began to hit its stride. Founded in 2013, Brillio designs and develops disruptive digital technology solutions for corporate clients. In 2014, it had just 31 clients; today, it has more than 350. Brillio had 1,300 employees in 2014; it has since doubled the size of its workforce. Brillio has more than quadrupled its revenues since the beginning.

Mamodia led Brillio through this powerful growth cycle with several visionary and practical management decisions. One early example: Since Brillio was selling the power of digital transformation, he decided that Brillio should be managed in 100% pure digital manner – and today a best-in-class enterprise resource planning system running entirely on the cloud is key to managing a global company in the digital era.

To address more client-facing challenges, Mamodia focused on two differentiators: “holistic service” and speed. Holistic service meant being able deliver any and every component of today’s digital technology landscape; Brillio has built (and continues to develop) technological prowess in Big Data and analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence, testing and automation, cloud and mobile, IoT and user experience, and others. To deliver speed, Brillio focused on creating sophisticated intellectual property (IP) such as accelerators that jumpstart projects. Brillio can deliver new solutions in one or two weeks, much faster than many solutions providers or in-house developed platforms.

This broad, holistic approach and the ability to create effective digital solutions at speed are significant competitive advantages for Brillio. But Mamodia also worked hard, particularly in 2016, to build a culture that was client-centric, incredibly responsive, and entrepreneurial. For example, he made the strategic decision to charge clients not by work performed or hours spent but on value delivered. Mamodia encourages risk-taking throughout the organization; heads of his direct reports units function as “mini-CEOs” of their teams. “I’m really clear that growing our company is not about one person—and never will be,” Mamodia says. “Culture is about the whole, and I’m convinced—and have seen proof—that putting your focus on cultivating it is the key to keeping your growth strong and your people and customers happy.”

The results are evident in multiple ways: the growing number of clients, long-lasting client partnerships, and a 2016 Net Promoter Score of 71, an increase of 15% over 2015’s score and evidence of exceptional customer advocacy. It also leads to remarkable employee engagement; in 2016, Brillio was named one of 2016’s Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces.

Perhaps most impressively, Mamodia has a very deliberate plan for Brillio’s growth, and he’s more than willing to reject opportunities and engages that do not mesh with Brillio’s purely digital mission.

Brillio’s digital mission also extends to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, which is also driven by Mamodia’s leadership. In fact, Mamodia refers to Brillio’s CSR initiative as “the soul of Brillio.” Without it, he says, “Brillio can’t become a truly great company.”

The essence of the program, called “Brillio Smiles,” is education and fostering entrepreneurship, and it has reached more than 5,000 children in India and the United States in 20 school using a variety of technologies for digital learning, partnerships with NGOs, and providing volunteers in schools and in Brillio offices. More than 600 Brillio employees participate in Brillio-sponsored CSR projects.

For Brillio and for Raj Mamodia, 2016 was a pivotal year in its young history. But what excites Mamodia, and his rapidly growing team around the world, are the enormous possibilities for Brillio to help clients take full advantage of digital technologies – and for Brillio to make a difference for them and for students through its CSR activities.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of this nominated executive since the beginning of 2016.

• Brillio more than quadrupled its revenue.
• Brillio was named one of 50 Microsoft U.S. National Managed Solution Partners.
• Brillio achieved AWS Service Delivery Partner status for Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
• Brillio Performed the world’s largest SAP on premise migrations to Microsoft Azure.
• In 2016, Brillio received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71 demonstrating exceptional customer advocacy. These results represent a 15% increase on the company’s 2015 score.
• In October, Brillio held Brillio Imagine Customer Forum 2016 for its customers, and hosted talks and panel discussion from numerous preeminent industry leaders.
• Brillio recently opened offices in Norway and Seattle to add to its Santa Clara, Jersey City and Bangalore offices.
• Brillio expanded the footprint of its CSR efforts to reach more than 5,000 students in India and the United States.
• In 2016, Brillio was named one of 2016’s Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces.