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BlueToad, Inc. - Lily - For Mobile Devices

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 American Business Awards

Company: BlueToad, Inc.
Company Description: BlueToad is a digital content partner for thousands of publishers in the U.S. and Europe. We help create and monetize beautifully responsive digital editions and web content. BlueToad also helps publishersdeliver their content to millions of readers across the globe. BlueToad works with all types of content, including Magazines, Catalogs, Circulars, Marketing Materials, and Business Documents.
Nomination Category: App & Mobile Website Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Magazine / Editorial

Nomination Title: Lily - For Mobile Devices

The date on which this nominated mobile site or app was first published: Spring 2016

Briefly describe this mobile site or app’s objectives and how it has met those objectives (up to 200 words). If applicable, include here the platforms your app supports:

For more than a decade, BlueToad has been helping publishers create and deliver digital content to readers. Given the rise of the phone, today’s reader now expects device-appropriate content from publishers. Notwithstanding, publishers have found it challenging to efficiently and cost-effectively produce and deliver a mobile-friendly version of their traditionally printed material.

After analyzing leading content delivery apps and exploring optimal mobile reading experiences, BlueToad launched its Lily Platform in early 2015 to become one of the first solutions on the market to provide a simple hands-free and affordable solution for turning publisher PDF content into engaging and intuitive mobile editions. We further expanded the idea of the mobile edition to leverage publisher effort already invested on web, social media, and video content. Finally, we crafted our solution to deliver an exceptional, device-tailored reading experience to consumers while requiring little to no additional work from our publisher clients.

Since launching, the Lily Platform has expanded to embrace PDF-free publishing of content, audio articles for an easy tap-and-listen experience, virtual reality, and personalized reader content. Nearly 1,000 publications have adopted Lily with impressive success, including nearly 6 million reader sessions and a 350% on average spike in content views.

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BlueToad Inc.