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Association of Washington Business - Best Annual Report - Print

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Company: Association of Washington Business, Olympia, Washington
Entry Submitted By: JayRay Ads & PR
Company Description: The Association of Washington Business is Washington's oldest and largest statewide business association. With nearly 8,000 members that represent 700,000 employees, AWB serves as both the state's chamber of commerce and the manufacturing and technology association.
Nomination Category: Publication Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Annual Report - Print

Nomination Title: Association of Washington Business Annual Report 2015

The date on which this nominated annual report was first distributed or otherwise made public: The Association of Washington Business Annual Report was first distributed in April 2016.

Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

The Association of Washington Business wanted to reposition themselves as a vigorous, dynamic and effective advocate for businesses and a healthy economy for all of the state of Washington.

AWB and JayRay PR & Ads organized content around the four pillars of the strategic plan, bringing them to life with bold headlines and dramatic photography. Words from AWB’s mission statement—catalyst and unifying voice for economic prosperity—appear on the cover and energize every one of the 24 pages that follow.

AWB wanted to visually signal a break from the past with a fresh, bolder design for the annual report that invites readers into the content.

In the annual report, JayRay and AWB wanted to show the range of employers from across the state and from heavy industry to agriculture to high tech. Members of all sizes and from all sectors have an advocate in AWB.

The annual report brought the AWB strategic plan’s pillars to life: achieve, connect, employ, compete and place. Meaningful facts, dramatic photos and member quotes engaged readers and showed AWB and the value of membership in the organization committed to helping Washington employers grow and prosper.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry: Advertising Agency/City: Client: Art Director: Cinematographer: Creative Director: Designer: Director: Illustrator/City: Music Producer/City: Photographer/City: Printer/City: Producer: Production Company/City: Programmer: Writer: Web Development Firm/City:

Advertising Agency/City: JayRay, Tacoma
Client: Association of Washington Business
Art Director: Jay Hember
Creative Director: Jay Hember
Designer: Jay Hember
Photographer/City: Stock photography, with additional photos provided by the 2015 AWB Executive Team
Printer/City: Print NW, Lakewood